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My Maui Baby Shower

My Maui Baby Shower
 My host Laura and Kim starting the day..
 Kim took all of these photos for me... this is the house where my shower was at, a very wealthy friend of Laura's lent us girls his house on mama's beach for the entire day.

 This is the backyard.
This was my main surprise!  Laura told me a couple days before that someone had called and said that they wanted to cater my shower, so that none of the girls were making food, it drove me crazy wondering who i knew that would do that.
He even made a menu
Lex and Kim
 Laura got a LOT of balloons!
Kim and our friend's baby JacyJay, who we call peanut.
My surprise...
 I could not believe how many balloons were on the ceiling 
This is the head chef at Colleens, where i work, i barely know him and was so baffled at everything he did for me!... and he refused to stay and eat with us.
Me and the peanut. 
His house matched the theme perfectly. 
 The food was amazing!
 Me and all my girls
My present from Lex and Kim
 We stayed at the house enjoying the pool and beach and hot tub for about 8 hours!  The girls had lots of champange!
 ...don't worry anybody it was only warm not hot and i only sat in there for about 1 minute.
 The sunset from the yard
 My lovely host... it was time to go home.
 These were the party favors, they were cupcakes that were for the bath, but looked so real that a couple of the girls opened them to eat them.
 and that's it.

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Jan 20, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
karen alviso (karen)
Just now visiting this site, and Wow Rebecca!  You look amazing in the last month of pregnancy.  What beautiful pictures and what a gorgeous shower.  The location, the food and amazing group of friends to share this with. I am so happy for you.
Jan 22, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Elizabeth Dierks (lizzy)
That was such a scenic view for everyone to enjoy for the time.   You have special friends.
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