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Sierra Vacation July 2006 Part 3 of 3

Sierra Vacation July 2006 Part 3 of 3
On Thursday morning, aftera  leisurely evening watching two DVDs, we drove East along route 88 to Carson Pass. This is where the famous Pacific Crest Trail crosses on it's way from Mexico to Canada. Carson Pass is about 8500 feet elevation.
We are heading south , and the first part of the trail is through some steep terrain.
Here we are up in a spectacular flower laden meadow, with "Round Top" in the background.
Somehow we always remember to bring lunch along! I guess that comes from our well aged wisdom!
Ah, such beauty!
Wish I had this for a back yard!
A kindly passer-by snapped this modern version of "American Gothic" - But I forgot my pitchfork!
This is Lake Winnemucca, the destination of our hike. It is at 8980 feet elevation, and probably about 3 miles from our starting point back by route 88.
Heading backto the road.
Last shot of the meadow.
Many very large trees.
Getting near to our starting point, and joyfully, there were no mosquitoes!

We had another very restful evening and night, and on Friday morning I went out to take some photos of the condo.
Here you can see that it is just across  the road from the ski lifts.
These nice balconies are great on a warm summer's day. Ah, such peace and quiet.
The blackdiamond runs are at the top of the peak shown behind the condo,
Surprise! this is the way that it looks during ski season!
This is a view of the main hill, the condos in the distance.
This is the view of the meadow from Rob's balcony. In the winter there are extensive groomed cross country ski trails all over the meadow. Marie and I have a great time skiing there then.
Entertainment center- a great place to watch DVDs on the very large flat panel TV.
Wonderfully equpped kitchen.
The dining  are as seen from the stairs.

After cleaning, Marie and I drove west on route 88, arriving at Richard and Kathy's home in Galt around 4pm.
Here is a view from the driveway.
Here is a view of Richard's work area where he does all his programming. I love the peaceful view of his front yard through the window.
Looking out to the back yard.
Richard, Christina and Marie
Delightful Friday dinner, with Aaron showing his new cast on his arm.
On Saturday ,prmomg. Richard took Aaron and me to his favorite shooting range, reported to be the largest non military range west of the Mississippi, Here Aaron tries a pistol while I and a club official look on.
This is the first time that I got to shoot this fine over and under rifle that my Dad used, and gave to me.  It is a 22 mafnum on the top and a 20 gage shotgun on the bottom. It is a beauty!
On Saturday  afternoon we all drove to Sacramento, where we had a delightfull visit to the Crocker Art Museum, followed by a very pleasant dinner at this waterfront restaurant.
On Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Richard's birthday with a delightful shrimp dinner in the shade of one Richard's favorite back yard trees. Good food and lots of fun!
Then we went to Christina and Aaron's house for the birthday desert - whiteies- that had been requested by Richard and prepared by Christina. Yummy!
The nest morning, Monday, we headed home to PV. It was a wonderful vacation.

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Aug 29, 2006  ( 2 comments )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Thanks SO MUCH for coming and visiting!  Thanks also for a great birthday gift!
Love, Rich
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Actually, the birthday brownies are called "blondies", a specialty at Applebee's that are butterscotch brownies with white chocolate chips!
Aug 30, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Christina Roper (croper)
That was a great visit!  We really enjoyed seeing you two.  Your pictures from the hike at Carson pass are breathtaking.
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