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Nehemiah Project Phase 1 - Preparing to build the wall

Nehemiah Project  Beginning Stages
We have bought almost two acres to build a school and children's home. This is the
shed that the workers will stay in until the work is finished.
This is the rock quarry where we get our rock to build the
 compound wall that will surround the two acres.
The workers are putting up the shed to live in until the work is finished.
Hauling the steel rods that will be cut and bent to structure the compound wall.
These are the materials we will use to begin to build the compound wall.
This is Pastor Philip. He is the caretaker of the Grace Gaden Children's Home. Pastor Philip,
 a wonderful man of God,  is also supervising the building of our new childen's home and school.
Layout of our almost two acres of land that we are building on.
This is Yesudass, Pastor Philip's right hand man, also a faithful worker for Childre of the Hour. He is bringing roof materials for the temporary shed.

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Sep 16, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Wow, what a big project.  It must be exciting to see it coming along so well.
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