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Thai New Year in Hollywood

Thai New Year  in Hollywood
Thai New Year or the festival of Songkran is held the last weekend in March. Los Angeles, Ca has the largest population of Thai outside of Thailand. For the past few years there has been a celebration of Sonkran street festical on Sunset Boulvard in Little Thailand  in Holly wood California. Besides going to enjoy Thai food and Thai cul;ture, Will and I also went to go watch some of our friends fight.
A picture of everyone's gear. There was a large ring set up in the street and all day long Muay Thai fights took place.
A shrine . Apparently, this deity ( Buddha?) likes Seven-UP and Pad Thai
My friend Geri was going to fighter her second fight. The name of her gym ( where Will and I used to train) is on her shorts.
Eric preparing for his fight with Albert, his trainer. Albert and Eric own the Gym.
  Geri getting a back message form Hussain and having her gloves wrapped by Albert.
A picture of the ring during Eric's fight.
Out of all the pictures I took, this is the best. Eric (blue shorts ) throwing a round kick to his opponent. Eric ultimately lost this fight :(
A Victorious Geri posing with Will right after her fight. She is undefeated (2-0)
THe fighters pose with their trainer. Noa, Albert, Eric and Geri. Noa also won her fight (Her 5th)
While we were there we saw Malaipet, a world champion in kickboxing. Will and I saw him fight at Hollywood Park Casino last summer. Many of his students were fighting that day.
 After everyones fight, we spent some quality time in the Singha Beer garden. My self, Noa and Geri pose with their trophys. While there, I spotted Bai Ling, the actress looking pretty nutty. Bai Ling is this craszy B list star. YOu know, the asian chick from Wild Wild West.
Ah! sweet nectar. WHen training for a fight, fighters do not drink any alcohol, so Geri was happy to finally have a beer!

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Jun 28, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Enjoyed seeing your pictures of this special event!
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