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4 weeks old
Yes that's right he is saying his goodnight prayers already... does memphis do that yet???

Daddy's new trick to settle little man down when his arms and legs are flying around and he's mad..

this is the burrito wrap.

Sometimes when we get really really lucky it puts him to sleep.

Bath time!

Little man finally enjoys his bath time now.

Little man trying to push himself around on his tummy.

Blackmail for later... this is his time that he gets once a day to cruz with no diaper on for a while, but his feet were cold. 

Little man with another future girlfriends mommy.  This is another one of my old bar coworkers who is now 6 months pregnant.

Thanks to the slow mail boat, baby Epes got to have christmas with us this year, at two and half weeks old!

He opened them up in his sling

Little man wasn't happy when dad opened his presents.

Thanks for the presents!

Little man's first dinner date with some of our best friends Jeffie and Jay's baby girl Isla.

Little cougar Isla checking out baby Epes... he slept through the whole date.

Our first big outing was at 15 days to our friends baby luau.

All of our friends got to meet little man

Little man's first walk in the stroller at two weeks old

He fell asleep on the bumpy road.

Hammock time with daddy

Hi I"m two days old now!.. here's the cute pictures first ...
 Our new Family!
Me and Grandma!

And here's a couple action pictures..  
 Mom came in just before it was time to push..
My first big breath!! 


 And here's baby Epes's freakish cone head... luckily it has shrunk!


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Elizabeth Dierks (lizzy)
Hi, Rebecca.  Love the prayer pose, so very cute.  Fun to see little Epes pictures and how he's developing.  You and dad look happy and relaxed with the baby.
Jacqueline Ortega (jackieortega)
Oh my gosh! He has gotten so big! He is so stinkin cute! I love how he says his prayers hee hee You are gorgeous as usual! I miss you guys. :( I love that picture of big Epes looking at at lil Epes! Love you!
Feb 12, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Marie Carr (nanarie)
He is growing fast! And doing a good job of breaking in a new set of parents. What a blessing he is. Hope to meet him one of these days.
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