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What Katie and I do on Friday Nights!

What Katie and I do on Friday Nights!
The only way Katie knows it's me is by my orange stick. 
 After the victory!
 Getting the coveted championship t-shirt
 Holding the trophy
6 Asians 3 White Guys-I'm trying to minister to these guys and I get to play roller hockey!-God is so great! 

Creation date: Jan 11, 2009 8:45pm     Last modified date: Jan 18, 2011 10:47am   Last visit date: Jun 26, 2020 9:37am
2 / 20 comments
Jan 11, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
Whoo-eee!!!!  Congratulations!!!  Love the orange stick!  What an awesome idea!
Jan 12, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Wow, that's a really big trophy: I didn't know you played hockey! Fun ministry!(Monica's mom)
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