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Afternoon Scramble

Afternoon Scramble
Last spring, I installed a new drinking fountain at the Clubhouse. 
At the time I remember talking to other Board members about building a frost cover for it.  The old one was junk because water froze in the mechanism and ruined it.
This afternoon, with outlooks for temps in the teens tonight, I remembered the cover.
So I built one.
Here's the new fountain.
It still worked fine despite our earlier freezes with temps in the high twenties.
I cut up some stringers from a left over 1x4 and the pieces of luan from our left over puzzle board.  The stringers were quickly butt jointed with glue and nails.  I cut the skins and glued and nailed them also.
Here's a shot of a joint with the skins on.
It looks good from the outside. There will be time for trim and paint later.
The inside was lined with insulation. 
Mom remembered we had some left over stored in the shed's attic.

Some foam weather-stripping around the edges and a set of angle brackets to hold the whole thing to the wall and it’s done.  Just in time.  The temperature was already just below freezing, but the cover should keep it warm now, unlike my fingers, which took a while to recover. 


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