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Nehemiah Project Phase 2 - Digging the Well and Building the Nehemiah Wall

 Digging the Well and Building the Nehemiah Project Wall
Beginning August 2006!
We have dug our well! August 2006
This is the water holding tank.
This is the temporary shed  built on our land to provide shelter for the workers.
This generator will provide power to pump the well until we get electricity.
Here the worker is keeping the cement columns wet to cure them before we can cover them with dirt.
September 2006
Our lead worker, Yesudass is a Christian. He is  cutting the steel bars to make
columns for the compound wall.
Bending the steel bars for the columns.
The tractor is covering the columns, continuing to build the compound wall.
October, 2006
This is our 6 foot high block wall surrounding almost 2 acres. This will protect the new children's home and school.
October 2006! Thank You!
The workers are working carefully to build a strong wall!
November1, 2006
With your help, we have just purchased 5- 40 by 60 foot lots across the street from our 2 acres! Here we plan to build the medical center! You can see our wall being built in the background!

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Sep 16, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Looks like they are doing a very good job.  What month are these photos taken?
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