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What we are doing page 1

What we are doing page 1
This is Sumathi, now Deborah. Her mother committed suicide. Deborah's father has a
 new wife that used to beat Deborah and make her go without food. Deborah is now in school,
 and has become a confident young lady with much hope for a great life in Jesus!
Deborah (Sumathi) today!
This is Ajith. Now his name is Isaac!  Isaac's father was killed in an automobile accident. His mother works in rice fields to care for herself and Isaac's younger sister. Isaac now goes to a private, English teaching school !
Above are our Christ the King students from Grace Garden Children's Home. They are slum children.
 They are now able to read English and know many scores of scripture verses!
Boarding the bus!
On the right lower right of the above picture is Gowrie, now named Grace. She came to us with a severely infected, open wound on the top of her head. As it healed, and we gave Grace vitamins and medical care, she has blossomed into a wonderful child with hope to be a nurse!
This is Grace today! Grace plans to be a nurse! March 3, 2006!
This is Grace Feb. 11 2007 watching the baby goat and it's mother!
This is  Gary and Darla with some of the Grace Garden Girls!
Above is Gary and Darla with some of the Grace Garden boys!
Above is Lakshmi, named Hannah by her sponsor. Hannah and her mother were
 living here because they had no where to go. Hanah's sponsor built her
and her mother a house! Hannah is now attending Christ the King
English teaching Matriculation School! See the new Hannah below!
Hannah in her new school uniform!
Darla and the children standing in the Bay of Bengal, just 9 months later thousands of people were swept away by the Tsunami here.
The children refer to Darla as 'Darlamma', meaning 'Mother Darla'.
Veera, named Paul by his sponsor, begged daily for his food. He came to us malnourished and had sores on his body.
This is Paul (Veera) and his sister, Kalpana, now named Mary on the opening day of Grace Garden. Both were malnourished and had sores all over their body.
This is Mary (Kalpana), from the photo above, Paul's sister today going to school! She is now learning to read and speak English!
This Paul from above with his sister, Mary. Paul took a flight with Darlamma to another state. Only two
and a half years ago Paul was begging, and now he has the hope to be a pilot!
Darlamma and Paul!

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Monica Galvan (monica)
Wow!!!  Changing one life at a time!!!
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Richard Carr (richard)
Keep up the great work!
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