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Visiting Darla Sisson-Long's Shares (account name: childrenofthehour)
Esther Chandralekha is cared for by Dennis and Gail Oswalt

Esther Chandralekha is cared for by Dennis and Gail Oswalt
Esther's father abandoned her and her mother when she was one month old. Her mother is struggling to care for Esther and Esther's grandparents.
A very happy birthday cake and new dress provided by sponsors of Children of the Hour!
Esther is posing nicely in her new dress!
Esther prays for her sponsors.
This Christmas box was sent to Esther from America by Children of the Hour partners.
Such fun!
Esther is receiving a private school education, provided by her sponsors.
We are delivering the monthly provisions for Esther and her mother. Esther is also registered in a private school, getting the best education available.
Esther is very happy that she now has great hope for a bright future!

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Oct 1, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
3:58 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
Good to see the girls dancing at her birthday party!
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