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Visiting Julie Carr's Shares (account name: beekielou)
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2009:What's new at the Brumder Mansion: Inside and outside

2009 - Outside the Brumder Mansion
Snow and Sunshine!
Steve, our really strong lawn mower guy in the summer, shovels the snow for us off the walkways, and steps. 
Looking back to the Brumder from Grand Central.
Our front grass and driveway between the church and Grand Central completely coved with snow.
The Brumder MAnsion can use the parking lot of The Teen Challenge House across the street, so we don't have to shovel the driveway.  No sledding on this area - busy street is in front!
What's new inside the Brumder Mansion
OUr new Innkeeper, Tanja Thomas!
Mirrors over the fireplace front, in the Brumder mud room.
This gorgeous antique mirror belongs to our new Innkeeper, Tonja. It was given to her by an elderly woman who lived at the Knickerbocker Victorian Apartments, where Tonja once worked a long time ago. 
A cleaned up and organized office, located just around the corner of the kitchen.  Tonja's desk is next to the wall, and we have a computer station here as well.
New picture from the antique store, hanign in our office area, until we can fix the boo boo on the frame.
Lets go down to the ballroom basement, which has been completely cleaned out and ready for renovation work, thanks to Dan and Steve.
The light is where the staircase from the foyer comes down into this area. The open doorway leads to the laundry room and back staircase. You can see the right corner of the risers on the left corner of this photo. The risers continue on around the side of the basement.
Stage area.
It is ready for renovation and revitalization.
One of the real fireplaces.
The catacombs and storage rooms of the Brumder have also been cleaned out and organized, and moved to the huge basement of Grand Central. Dan and I have everything in its place there, and I now have an uncluttered laundry room, minus the lamps, sink, paint cans, boxes of treasures, junk, wood, and strange big picture!

New Staff

Beverly is our laundry organizer and ironer!

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Kathy Carr (kathy)
Do you get a lot of guests this time of year?
Jul 31, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Business has really picked up this summer, though we could use more guests- working on advertising, and other events to bring in business. New ballroom theater and reception area is almost ready. electricians are here this morning putting in electrical boxes, and repairing the wiring in other parts of the mansion. The brickwork on the front porch steps will be fixed next week.
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