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Month 2 for Baby Epes

Month 2 for Baby Epes

7 weeks old now and baby Epes is starting to be very interested in our faces now!

...He's also a lot calmer most of the time now. 
Little man came to play a game of pool with his mom and aunties at my old work..
guess he didn't like the smell.

...ok he was really just sleepy and cozy.

This is my favorite.  Since he loves to stare at black and white still i put this dress in front of him, stacked up on pillows
on the couch with the strings in his hands so that he can feel it and play with it.. I walked away for a couple minutes this day and when i came back he had pulled it completely and perfectly on top of him

A few of his recent smiles...

 Little Man looking cool and all dressed up for the ladies at his second baby luau.
 All ready to go with his new kicks on!
 ... telling us he is READY to go...
Little man cruising at his friend Jaci Jay's Luau. 
 The best gift iv'e ever gotten... albino the catipillar and black and white animal flashcards.  A friend sent us these 
a couple weeks ago and I can now put baby Epes down!  He will stare at these for a couple hours a day, spread out!... 
I never would have thought of these.
 Lights out in Auntie Lex's arms.
 Baby Epes's first trip to Hanamanu beach, I brought my friend Kim because Epes was shooting photos and I wanted to surf so i brought 
along the babysitter.
 It was a cold rainy day
 ... And the next day we went to Hooikipa and baby Epes loved his little sand trench I made him in the shade.
 Another dinner date at our house with miss Isla.
 ... Miss Isla in her cougar pose.
 Isla grabbed Epes's hand right after this picture, but my camera was too slow.
 Epes liked to play with Isla's hair. 
 Little man in his big big crib, loving his mobil from grammy!

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Feb 26, 2009  ( 6 comments )  
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Mar 5, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
That's awesome that he's having less fussy time!  And yay for smiles!!!!!  So, fun!!  Enjoy the sleepy, cuddly time. 
Mar 6, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
Christina Roper (croper)
ahhhhh...I want some of those cuddles.  yay for smiles, they are so precious!  Can't believe he is almost 2 months already.  the dress pic is too funny.
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