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Visiting Rebecca Sargent's Shares (account name: rebecca)
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EJ's 7&8 month old photos and Galt
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Creation date: Nov 10, 2009 12:00am     Last modified date: Nov 13, 2009 7:37am   Last visit date: Oct 19, 2020 4:59pm
8 / 1000 comments
Nov 13, 2009  ( 6 comments )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
I'm so glad EJ and Epes like the backpack and you can get more sleep!  Amber and Jerell's kids are really cute.
Richard Carr (richard)
That is so great that EJ loves back carrier.  So glad you were able to come out!
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Back backs are wonderful inventions!!  EJ is very sociable with other children - I bet he will have a lot of friends!
Christina Roper (croper)
the 2nd pic of epes & ej is a great one of your boys.  huh, you may be right about dinner.  well, we'll have to do it again next time you come.
Tom Carr (penpaint)
The new photos of EJ are great! -- Well, in fact all the photos are great! What good looking people!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Katharine Carr (katharine)
Did you get a big paper mache' pinata like the one you & Monica made Christina for bachelor party? That is so neat that Epes and Ej aleady get to have their special man time with their walks! The main attraction for me when it comes to having children is I would just want to take them for walks in one of those really expensive kick stollers.
Nov 14, 2009  ( 2 comments )  
Nancy Peplinski (nancy)
I love the Three Sisters picture.  You're all so photogenic!  EJ is darling, as always.  He'll have to learn not to pull girl's hair though, if he wants to maintain his popularity!
Monica Galvan (monica)
EJ ROCKS!!!  Love his smiley face!
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