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My New Home

My New Home

 In the Year 2005 I visited a small liberal Arts School in Southern California. I recently, on the one year aniversary of that fatefull trip I tried to reflect what I thought it would all be like...

I knew that if I went there it would be a year later, and I would most certainly be stunningly dressed 
The weather would always be warm, and the mountians pretty 
The Pools Sunny 
The Grass Green 
 The Sky Stunning
 Water would bubble Like an Oasis, and I'd have friends who would pose for my photos
 And of course the Dorms would be covered in flowers
Even the Upperclassmen dorms would be nice 
And of course there would be good food at the dinning halls... 

But What would my Room look like?

What if halfway through the semester I rearranged the whole room and made it even better than it had been?

How would it look then?
I'd no doubt have an awesome  Bed nook
With cool decorations 
and of course a really nice couch (reclining and only $26) (And It looks good sideways)
It would be so cool!
I'd have posters and a Desk as well 
And a wonderful roommate from Russia!

 If only I had Known....

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Nov 13, 2006  ( 10 comments )  
Dec 4, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
11:34 pm
Jaimie Lowe (jaimienl)
there is snow here.  you do not have to deal with the snow.  we are no longer friends.
May 17, 2011  ( 1 comment )  
4:48 pm
Marie Carr (nanarie)

This is still a very good blog! Have you had any other deep thoughts?

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