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Visiting Tom Carr's Shares (account name: penpaint)
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As happens in most families, as the children grow up, they tend to move away from the homestead, some far, and others not so far. While the parents are alive, they are a magnet drawing the family back together periodically for wonderful family celebrations. But, once the parents are gone, some families see each other on less frequent occasions, drifting apart. When my siblings gathered for my Mother's funeral, we decided that we would try valiantly to meet at least once per year, and so the tradition was established.
Our first gathering occurred in July of 2001, and it was comprised of three main activities: A weekend exploring part of West Virginia, My sister Lois' and her husband, Chuck, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and a wonderful picnic at my sister Pat's home. So, now lets see some of photos.
Now, first, let me introduce  the "SIBLINGS", the children of Gene and Anne Carr. L to R, Jack, Pat, Jim, Lois, and Tom (me)
Next, we mixed them all up and added the spouses. From L to R, Tom, Chuck (Lois' husband) Lois, Pat, Marie (Tom's better half), Jim, Joetta (Jim's better half), Helen (Jack's better half), and Jack.  Now, isn't that a charming bunch?
The ladies researched about where we might rent a place for the weekend, and decided on this address.  No, it is not in Vail, Colorado, but nearby in a ski area of West Virginia!
Isn't this beautiful!  Let's take a brief tour.
This is the view from the rear deck. Miles of natural woods, and a nice stream that attracted many deer. 
A view of the deck, with the kitchen and family room inside.
One of the nicely furnished bedrooms.
Living room.
Family Room as viewed from the kitchen.
Kitchen and dining area as viewed from the Family Room.
We spent many happy hours playing games in that booth. I believe that is a Jaccozi under that cover.
The dining area.  The girls brought  lots of food and refreshments, and we ate most of our meals here
Jim is smiling here on the deck, cause he just heard the call to lunch!
Marie and Jo in the kitchen.  Gee, they are cute!
And here is my cute sister, Lo.
Well, Chuck is not what I would call cute, but HANDSOME! 
Handsome Jack, cute Jo.
And here is Cute Helen. I think that those workers in the kitchen finally got exasperated and threw me out.
And here the Siblings gather for a repeat of the famous kick photo.
Here is the whole group again.  They are now known as "The Over-the-Hill Gang"--- OTHG.
We spent a good part of the next couple of days exploring the nearby, - and not so nearby - parts of West Virginia., and had a lot of fun. For some dumb reason, I can't find any photos of those activities.  So if you have some and would like to send them to me I will scan them and put them here.
Now on to the next major activity.
Lois and Chuck are celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Lets take a look!
It was an excellent restaurant,  with lots of delicious food. As you can see, it was well attended by many of their friends and relatives.
Jim, Lois and her son, Mark.
Helen and Jack, who as usual has that wonderful smile!
Joetta, Pat and Marie sitting and chatting with  someone I can't identify. Oh, well, I do have my limitations!
Mark, Helen, and Mark's wife, Stephanie.
Lois is circulating and chatting with Jean Anne.
We had some classy entertainment!
Marie and Helen discussing those Carr boys.
Jo and Pat.  You can see that there was lots of liquid refreshment.
Now, let's go to the next event, which was a wonderful picnic at Pat's home.
First, here is the marvelous lake in Pat's back yard. Many the happy day spent here!
Jean Anne, Luc, and Kellen.
Deirdre and Erin..
Alana, Kellen, Erin and Luc inback, and Diedre in the front.
Marie is arm in arm with June, whose husband, Francis, is on the left.  June is my mother's cousin, and we have been  friends since childhood.
Jack is sitting on the ground talking to his daughter, Susan, in the red blouse.  Susan's Husband, Kevin, who is recovering from a very severe industrial accident.  It was good to see him here.
Pat has hosted family gatherings at her marvelous home for many, many years. And they were all great events, just like this one.
Francis and June chatting with Joetta, Marie and Annie.
Paul, Luc, Jim and Chuckie chatting.
Stephan and Lauren, brother and sister!
Linda is ready to share.
Great photo of Lois and Chuck and all of their family!
Now this is just to see if you are awake.  Marie and I went driving to research some family, and one of the photos that I took was of this grave marker for my Mother's Father.
And here is photo to show it's relation to some of it's surroundings.
So, it was a wonderful trip and full of family fun.

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Janice Green (jazlive)
I miss PA.  I attended Peirce Jr. College after serving in the military, in the mid 70s.  I celebrated in Center City when the Flyers won the Stanley Cup in 1975.  Mayor Rizzo was very generous with citizens celebrating and dancing in the streets.
Aug 19, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Brigid Barney (brigid)
I would bet my life that that is Annie Ziga as the unidentified women in the  50th anniversary party photo talking to Joetta, pat and Marie!
great photos Uncle Tom - thanks so much for all you do!
Love ya!
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