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Visiting Tom Carr's Shares (account name: penpaint)
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This is the end of the run, and the engine is about to uncouple and go to the other end of the train to
pull us back to the start. They normally use an old steam engine, but it is being rebuilt at this time.  The museum is trying to raise the thousands of dollars needed to renovate the boiler.
Marie and I were very surprised to see these old Delaware Lacawanna cars here, because that is the line
that her family always used when they lived in rural New Jersey. As a matter of fact, after we were married at her
home church, and the reception at her home , we started on our honeymoon by riding in a
car like this to New York city!  It could have even been this car! 
They had a great collection of rolling stock, some outside, and an excellent collection in a building.  There are many other pieces in tough shape, still awaiting renovation.
Colorful old timer.
I believe this was taken inside a caboose.
Well, we finally made it back to Chicago, and the next morning we went to the spectacular "Millenium Park" .
 I was facinated by this shiny large sculpture, jokingly referred to as the "Jelly Bean". It is very reflective,
and give beautiful images from any viewpoint! Note that one can walk under it also.
Nice view of the skyline, as well as the tourists.
One of the big Lions outside the wonderful Chicago Art Institute
The front entrance
I liked the fact that the museum permitted photos with no flash. Here is a sample of some I grabbed.
Sorry I missed part, but I was working under a handicap.
A very nice Winslow Homer.
I dont remember the name of this artist.
Now this is really famous! It is "American Gothic" by Grant Woods.
One of the famous exploits of the Navy in world War II was the capture of the German Submarine U505. The
 german crew had tried to scuttle it and abandoned ship, but some brave US sailors went down inside as it was sinking and managed to close the sea cocks prevent it sinking. As a result we captured a fantastic collection of super secret german equipment and documents including the encription machine. This whole episode was kept very secret so that the germans would not know we had broken their code, thus helping the allies win the war. After the war a small group wanted to preserve this sub, and it finally found a home at the Chicago
Museum of Science and Industry. A few years ago a new underground exhibit hall was built and the daunting
 task of moving the sub to its new home was sucessfully completed. We took an excellent guided tour of
the inside of the sub, and then explored the many surrounding exhibits. This is a view from the right rear of the sub.
Some of the many exhibits.
Hear two of the tourists are attempting to maneuver the sub in this simulator.
A look up at the conning tower and bridge.
My first job after college was working for the ARMA corporation, which designed and built a secret
device that was used on the American submarines to calculate how to make the torpedos hit the
target. It was called that "Torpedo Data Computer", or TDC.
This photo show the corresponding device that the Germans used for aiming their torpedos.I was fascinated to see it.
This shows a German torpedo leaving one of the front torpedo tubes.
The Museum is full of wonderful exhibits, and here are a few samples. This is a huge model railroad layout
 that represents the Great Northern from Chicago to Seattle. It is one of the best I have seen.
And this represents the Seattle end of the line.
Here Marie is in a huge modern harvesting machine, It even had a typical
farm radio station playing in the cab.
Note the full size Boeing Transport hanging from the ceiling. The visitors can explore the
 inside of the plane. I loved the old steam engine.  #999 held the land speed record at one point, before the invention of the automobile!
This Fairy Castle was created by Colleen Moore, a famous silent movie actress, to showcase her collection of miniatures.  During the depression it travelled the country, raising funds for children's charities.  It's permanent home is in Chicago now. Marie was enthralled.  Nancy bought the book.
And more of the dollhouse castle.
When Marie was about 9 years old her family traveled from their home in New Jersey to Salt Lake City and
the West Coast to visit relatives. They traveled from Chicago on the new state of the art Burlington Zephyr.
And, would you believe, here is one! This trip has been a train deja vous for Marie.

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Dec 6, 2006  ( 2 comments )  
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Wow - what great pictures of your trip. Enjoyed seeing Wisconsin!  Thankyou for sharing your pictures!
Richard Carr (richard)
I learned some family history from this blog, thanks for sharing it!
Dec 7, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Christina Roper (croper)
wow, what a wonderful and fascinating trip!
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