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How to experience a wide range of emotions in one day!

How to experience a wide range of emotions in one day!
Some of the emotions I felt during the second time I played paint ball:
  • Hopelessness and Fear: Being the last player on my team (I'm a newbie and just have a rental/cheap gun) and having 3 experienced players lay down a heavy suppressing fire while they get ready to flank and finish me off. 
  • Anticipation: Playing 2 on 2 and taking out the guy facing me and realizing that most likely his partner doesn't know that and if I move fast I'll be able to flank him and get a clean shot on him!  Was rewarded by seeing a yellow dot appear on his left side!
  • Exhilaration: Nailing my good friend from 25 yards and seeing the paint ball literally explode on his head.  It was by far the most spectacular hit I've seen.
  • Total surprise: I stumbled into Tyler and we were both totally surprised.  It was a classical old western quick draw but since I came up on his side/back I had less distance for my gun to move before it fired and that was all the advantage I needed. 
  • Total satisfaction: Being down 2 to 1 and being in the same location as I was in the Hopelessness description above I realized they were inexperienced players like I was and even though they had better guns I could take them.  After a lot of running and long range sniping and then a extreme short range shoot out I won!  What a way to end the day!
  • Relief: After playing two days I have no bad hits though I've been hit between 10 and 15 times a day.  Best place to be hit is on your helmet, you don't feel a thing!
Tyler, Rich, and Chuck after about 3 hours of paint balling
We played on the field with the blue inflatables most of the time.
Hey Monica, the sweatshirt you gave me was perfect for this!
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Dec 3, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Robert Carr (robert)
did you guys manage to hit and kill any of those mean blue aliens in the background?
Katharine Carr (katharine)
Great share!  :)
Dec 4, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
Christina Roper (croper)
wow, pretty intense....very descriptive blog!
Richard Carr (richard)
It may not be clear in the photo, but all guns must have a cover over the muzzle when one is outside of the playing area (so if the gun goes off the paintball goes nowhere).  They are extremely safety conscious.  Also, one can not take off the mask when inside the playing area.
Julie Carr (beekielou)
Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you had a good time!!
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