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05 May 28 Kathy's 50th Birthday at the Red Barn

May 28, 2005 Kathy's Fifties 50th Birthday at the "Red Barn"
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Thanks so much to Christina, Rin, Karen, Paula, Cheryl, and Laurelle for putting on a very special party for Kathy!
Christina made these 8x10's of me from babyhood on
The colors scheme was red, black and white daisies in real coke bottles! We had hamburgers, french fries and salad.
Paula made the Lucy "talking heads" as conversation starters!  There were yoyo, slinkies, and bubble gum in the mini buckets! Thanks, Karen, for the daisies!
Rin (the owner of the barn with her husband Mark) served everyone sodas on tap; there was coke, sprite, orange and root beer!
I brought a few albums and everyone wrote on an album square to put in my scrapbook.
The photo backdrop
A ladies group photo- left to right is Doris, Cheryl , Paula,Kathy, Christina, Marcia, Laurelle and Rin
Karen and I are wearing Monica and Rebecca's poodle skirts from high school!
Christina doing the hula hoop as well as she did in the 3rd grade!
Her mom still can't keep the hoop up!
Rich and Doug give it a whirl
Loren gave it his best!
"You just do it this way!"
Marcia looks great in fuschia!
Karen has it down!
Thank you, Christina and Aaron for all your work on this party!!  Christina, you went really BIG!!!!!!!
Wow, half a century old, we are!
My best friend!
Trying out the dance moves
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Steve Moldenhauer (parson)
Kathy, it was so good to see you today at the life chain.  Thanks for saying "HI".  This is a great site!  I enjoyed looking at pictures of your family. I have signed up and will use it.  Pastor Steve
Jan 5, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Too Cute!  Although there's no way Kathy looks 50.  She doesn't look a day older than the last time I saw her--and that was years ago!  Looks like the party was tons of fun!  Rich, thank you so much for the photo stills you left on my site.  Those are adorable!  I'm going to to have my mom visit my site again so she can see them.  Thanks for sharing!  Take care! 
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