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The Now Extinct Long Horses

The Now Extinct Long Horses

I first heard of 'Long Horses' about a week ago when the social news site Digg.com linked to a women who's been working for Long Horse awareness. Wikipedia describes:
If you flip through old photos, you might be lucky enough to run into this now-extinct "long horse". It was strong, handsome and could carry up to four people at one time but, because of overwork, the horses tended to die young and, to put it bluntly, the population was eventually used to death.
I provide now photos I've found in various archives with abbreviated captions.

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Pyramid at Saqqara, Survey, 1938

Japanese Post Card, 1943
(The Long Horse Pictured Here was a gift from the Germans to a General Yasuji Okamura, Long Horses were a typical Status symbol - one can see why)

French Army Sous-lieutenant Jean Gaymard, 1938
(Often cited as his superior officer Capitaine Renee Pinort)

Wall Street, October 26, 1929

"A Million Marching Feet" Parade, 1942

A French Trick Long Horse, 1927
(Long Horses Were To Fragile to Race)

The trick Long Horses were popular performers just before horse races, this photo is from 1925


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Dec 4, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
8:30 pm
Louise Hutchison (louise)
It's clear to us that long horses sure beat stretch hummer limousines for cool factor!
10:30 pm
Andrea LoPinto (lopinto)
What the heck#*@!?
11:31 pm
Jaimie Lowe (jaimienl)
nuh uh
Dec 5, 2006  ( 3 comments )  
7:17 am
Richard Carr (richard)
Louise's comment below says it all!
8:55 am
Christina Roper (croper)
clever Ian, very clever  :)
funny pictures
2:38 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
You had me there for a minute!
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