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Wing Nerd Day

This prize went to the wing who was dressed alike the best, so of course we went all out...
Wing Nerd Day
We had the glasses, the calculators, the pens, the toilet paper coming out, just the whole kaboodle of fun.

Me and my roomie with the Basketball Nerds!

And you cannot forget the signs on the back, ya!
anonymous   -   9:09pm - Monday - April 25, 2005     delete
wait, don't you always dress like that?
croper   -   2:28pm - Monday - April 25, 2005     delete
ditto on the umbrella hat, especially with the harry potter glasses....love the "kick them" sign!
anonymous   -   3:53pm - Sunday - April 24, 2005     delete
Love the glasses, really nerdy.  Thes are fun memories you won't soon forget.    karen
anonymous   -   8:36pm - Saturday - April 23, 2005     delete
that umbrella hat is money. -Jennifer

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