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Visiting Ian Carr's Shares (account name: redlightbulb)
Death, and The Perfect Semester Ending

Death, and The Perfect Semester Ending

As I was walking through Pomona College's Smith Campus Center last Wednesday night, I saw something that caught my eye other than the warm sunny perfect Californian night.
 It was a line of proportions that aren't befitting a small residential college.
As I drew closer to try and discern what it was that had so many waiting I discovered something most shocking!

The line continued farther and farther than I could have ever imagined! What, on this: the last day of classes of my first semester my Freshmen year at Pomona College, could possibly be so wonderful? 
 Was it this Rocking Jazz-Funk Band in which the Saxophone was sometimes played like a Guitar?
No... There was something else... then I saw it!
 Floating in a heavenly cloud of sticky wonderfulness I saw what must have been the answer!
An Endless fountain of Martenelli's Sparkling Apple Cider! What more could any one want!?! But the truth was much more awesome than even this, as I suddenly peered into the solid mass of people hovering around the thing at the center of the room... What could possibly this event be? Suddenly a flash back hit me, and before the wavy-vision of movie flash backs subsided I remembered a lone figure by the front of the line, a lightly blurry image of total truth... 

A poor man, dead... Suddenly everything clicked, and before you could say Truffle I knew what this was. It was Pomona's one and only fall semester closing party. It Was:
 Death By Chocolate!!!!!!
 My friends who had been in line long before me had gotten a head start by the time I got there... Brianna showed that she has impeccable taste in both fashion and what she dips her strawberries into
 Alex had more Chocolate Baked goods than a French Revolution
 And Didem had the good stuff.
 Not about to miss out i ran for the Chocolate fountains, and like sharks searching for blood I joined my peers
That was until I saw the Chocolate Toffee Nugat, which caused a rather quick direction change
 Then the Toffee Mouse caught my eye, but sitting next to it was..
 The Sights, The Colors,
 The sheer amount of wonderfulness was wonderusly wonderfully wonderful
 OH NO! Look Out SANTA!
White Chocolate Dip anyone? 
 Strawberries were meant to wear such classy clothing.

Now, Like you, I though this was all that the night would hold - I mean, who could possibly want more than a massive wild and crazy feeding frenzy on Chocolate in it's every incarnation?
 But who would have thought there was something that was classy enough for this guy
 AND this guy to get behind... It could only be something that was both Civilized and Chocolaty... But what on earth could fit that description?

Leave it to Pomona College to raise the Bar right after raising the Bar...
I invite you to the "Order-Three-Pieces-Per-Person-We-Will-Serve-You-The-Really-Good-Stuff" Specialty Chocolate Room 
My friend Jaimie was throughly Impressed 
 The Colors were enough alone to put one into coma
 But some helpful service from the fast servers (my friend Alex)
And you were riding the Gravy Train 
Even my roommate Jenya was happy! 

The 'Last Supper' in Chocolate - I love happy people don't you?
Even my friend Kristen was able to find something when she got out of swim practice - Here she's giving a sticky toast to a fellow aquatic competitor
Ahh Chocolate...

As the evening wound down, and the blood sugar began to drop a kind A Cappella group performed for us.

But what about me you ask, how did Ian fare?

Well,  let's just say i slept well that night.

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8:48 am
Christina Roper (croper)
wow, way to build up the suspense early on.  You really had me wondering what so many people were waiting in line for.  Just how many chocolate fountains were there?  Looks very very tasty
Dec 12, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
8:42 pm
Rose Carr (rodie)
LUCKY! i want to have a death by chocolate party at MY school!
P.S. what were you talking about a sax that you play like a guitar??
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