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Visiting C.W. A.'s Shares (account name: tooning53)
5/25/2006: Interlaken-1

5/25/2006: Interlaken-1
We found most of Swiss trains to be quite new, modern and very clean. This is the upper deck of the 1st class car, cool eh?
To downstairs where the spacious toilet is located, with wide door to accommodate wheelchairs.
However the overhead rack is rather narrow (notebook size).
Restaurant car is also available on the upper deck.
This is the portable wheelchair elevator for the disables.
The famous Jungfrau on the right (4158 m) and Monch (4099 m) on the left, while the small peak in between is Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe.
We got off at Thun and went aboard the boat leaving for Interlaken West.

Eurail 1st class ticket holders need not pay any fare.

The upper deck is reserved for 1st class only. Boat cruising on Lake Thun is a MUST for tourists!

Feel the freezing breeze?
The weather was so perfect - no rain, little sunshine, clear vision, rather cold breeze. I couldn't ask for more!
Swiss' renown tourist attraction - the trio of the Alps: Eiger (ogre), Monch (monk), and Jungfrau (virgin).
This mountain here is Niesen (2362 m). There's a cable car to the summit where you'll be exposed to a panoramic view of the Alps.
Eurail 1st class ticket holders can drop off at any town/port you like and continue the trip with the next boat as long as it's on the same day.
Cable car station to Beatenberg and Niederhorn summit where paragliders take off.
This is another favourite tourist spot, St. Beatus Caves, reaching far into the interior of the Niederhorn mountain. You can explore the dramatic natural underground world of stalactites and stalagmites formed over millions of years.
The cave was used by man since Stone Age. Legend has it that this was home to a dragon which was later killed by St. Beatus, one of Switzerland's holy men. The cave then served as a safe refuge for St. Beatus until his death. Children love to come here because of a huge dragon figure in the playground.
Gradient to St. Beatus Caves.
This is a zoom-in photo of what I'd like to call "human bird" or officially a paraglider. Paragliding is one of the favourite sports in mountainous regions. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. It takes a lot of gut to do that!
This is the normal range photo of the "human bird".
Approaching Interlaken West dock.

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