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Visiting C.W. A.'s Shares (account name: tooning53)
5/25/2006: Interlaken-2

5/25/2006: Interlaken-2
The town is little quiet because today is Ascension Day.
We're heading towards Hoheweg street which is the main street of the town, linking Interlaken West to Interlaken Ost train station. By the way, from this pix on, I've decided to use a bigger photo for better viewing.
A model of the famous Piz Gloria, the revolving restaurant on top of Mt.Schilthorn(2979 m) from the James Bond: On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
It was a very fine day, little sunshine and cold weather of around 16-18 celsius degree; perfect for my condition!
This elegant 5-star hotel facing Jungfrau was built in 1864, named Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa. Room rates are vey very high, ranging from a standard double room of 680 CHF to a suite of nearly 5000 CHF per night during tourist season.
The vast 35-acre greeny area is called Hohematte, with Jungfrau at the backdrop. It is used to hold public functions as well as a landing ground for paragliders. Dark clouds barred us from the magnificent view of the majestic Jungfrau(Virgin).
The lonely "human bird".
God granted me this fine day; yet why did He send in a cloud?
Please remember this particular glider as there'll be more actions from him in the next few photos.
If you're a beginner or perhaps a lover, you can paraglide together like this couple.
Safe landing...
The unfortunate "human bird".
Still struggling...
Love in the air...
Touch down!
He finally succeeded in loosing the fabric wings and started to climb down on his own.
Veiled Virgin
Casino Kursaal with beautiful garden.
If you're tired of walking you may use the service of horse-drawn carriages to go around town at a price of 35 CHF, if I'm not mistaken.
Japanese Garden on Pravet's right side, with an old church at the backdrop.
The Japanese Garden was built in 1995 by the communities of Interlaken and Otsu city in Japan. These two towns are sister cities since 1978.
This medieval gothic church became the Anglican Church since 1840.
The garden took after the traditional Japanese-style garden, handed down from the Nara era.
Stained glass from the 15th century.
A paraglider on the gargoyle?
A funicular rises from behind Ost station through the woods to the Harderkulm (1310m), offering panoramic view of the town.
Finally, we reached Interlaken Ost station to catch a train back to Zurich.
Serene tranquility.
Peaceful Swiss village by the lake.
Zurich hauptbahnhof on Bahnofstrasse side. This concluded our most memorable day.

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