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Visiting Paul Di Zinno's Shares (account name: sisyphus)
Linda learns to love her gnome

Linda learns to love her gnome
Here I am embarking on my first, and last, vacation.  (I'm told I will be left hidden in a plant pot at Aunti Cathy's apartment; abandoned like a foundling at a stranger's door.  I hope she'll love me.  It seems I've startled Linda too many times as she worked on her plants.)  We're going to someplace called Ocracoke Island!  We stopped at a little park next to the Hatteras Island Light House on our way to Ocracoke.
If you couldn't see me in the last photo, here I am looking up at the Hatteras Light House!
The ferry ride was very exciting!  Multitudes of birds, waves, and a brief view of dolphins just off the bow of the ship.  Pitty I'll only get to see this one more time.
What a lovely cottage. 
Our first visit to the beach!  It's incredibly windy, and I'm at sandblasting height.
They tell me that fresh seafood is one of the key attractions of Ocracoke.  Locally cought shrimp and scallops!
Served with a wonderful Pennsylvania-grown Salsa Fresca.
And of course a fine bottle of wine.
At the end of one of the jeep trails.
Looking out over the Sound side of the Island.
I helped keep a close watch on the developing weather for the Island.
The Ocracoke Pony corrals were a personal favorite.  It also was our first lesson in just how much one needs deet when venturing away from the beach and open populated areas.
This is the north-east end of the Island.  It was our favorite areas, where we spent many hours combing the beach for shells and birding.  That's one of the ferrys to Hatteras like the one on which we arrived.
There's Linda looking for shells.  As you can see, it's still overcast, cold, and 20-30 mph winds.
Linda's giving me my first taste of the ocean!
Pretty strong undertow...
Don't let go!  Are they trying to leave me in the Graveyard of the Atlantic?
Back on dry land.  This was halfway through a nature walk we took through the one forested area on the Island.  Again we were slathered with deet.
Here's what it's all about...shells of all shapes, color, and size.
If only I could get rid of the blasted flowers so I could gather some myself.
We did stop to speak with the park rangers on our way out. 
After a long drive, we arrived at Aunti Cathy's apartment, and my long lost brother!  I'm the one with the tan.
Aunti Cathy's created a wonderful jungle on her deck!
Comfy bed.
Just getting familiar with my new home...
She does have some interesting friends.
Again, if I could put these flowers down I could help.
After spending a week together, we decided we liked each other's company, and I was snatched from the fridge back to Pennsylvania.
 Ahhh, home.
No, I'm not a chipmonk!
Until vacation next year....

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Oct 3, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Oct 8, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
11:23 am
Joan (Carr) Moffson (libjlm)
Ahhh, the beach looks lovely, but Cathy, if your gnome is deprived, mine's been living the life of a bubble boy since Hello Kitty told him he was too kitschy for my desk and banished him to the pencil drawer.  I guess he needs an outing now too.
Oct 15, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
9:38 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
This looks so much like one of Jennifer Carr's photo blogs!
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