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Visiting Monica Galvan's Shares (account name: monica)
Isla is 5 months old!
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Creation date: Dec 25, 2015 8:00 am     Last modified date: Dec 25, 2015 10:25 pm   Last visit date: Apr 18, 2019 3:16 am
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Dec 26, 2015  ( 6 comments )  
8:41 am
Marie Carr (nanarie)



And how many babies stand on their feet to have the family portrait taken when only four months old?

Also her verbal skills are advanced for her age.

9:53 am
Julie Carr (beekielou)

She is a precious little angel, who is a pretty tough cookie and will survive this stressful time!  When she can get big enough to hold more milk or food in her stomach, she will  sleep better.  I am glad that she hasn't needed surgery or had something like an intestinal block.   She may have to be careful in what she eats, but things could be a lot worse. We are praying for her and for you! Here is the bigger picture that I have experienced and seen.  I have found that all children at some point of their lives go through their issues that are very stressful; some more severe than others but they all have the capacity of giving parents gray hairs, as well as strengthening and expanding their skill sets;(both kids and parents) in coping with adversity, strengthening their faith and dependence on the Lord; with the added dividend of being able to be used by the Lord more effectively to help others and bring glory to Him.

11:51 am
Christina Roper (croper)

Great monthly write-up again!  Yes, her cousins sure do adore her!  

12:44 pm
Richard Carr (richard)

Great write up!


Can't wait for her GERD to be out grown!


Can you video this and share it?


When I lie her down on a pillow she does this crazy ab routine trying to sit up.

1:20 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)

Isla is a sparkling star for how she fights and how you fight for her, with getting up so many times a night, and having so many fussy evenings!  God has given you so much perseverance as well with having to go to work every day in the middle of this.  Now we will all have compassion for moms with small babies and all the challenges they face.  And moms in 3rd world countries that can't get enough good nutrition for their babies. That is why I continue to support the "Child Survival" program that Compassion International oversees.   Isla is teaching us that while her problems have not been fixed right away, she continues to show joy, just as you do, little Momma!  And we will continue to pray and give thanks for the progress we see in her!

4:47 pm
Jennifer Carr (jemma)

Gosh she will sit up in no time!!! I love her smile! Bath time is sooooooo fun!

Jan 16, 2016  ( 1 comment )  
5:00 pm
karen alviso (karen)

Love that little smiling face and she is a little Sparkling Little Star!!  So glad to know she loves her bath time and the two can enjoy that time! Love her! 

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