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the trip

the trip
We left on June 10th  and the flight from LAX to Dallas was just horrible. Look at the pain that i'm in. Luckily the flight from Dallas to DEtroit was much better.
We stayed at his mom's place in the little red-neck town of Howell, which is like 50 miles outside of Detroit. For some reason i never got around to taking any pictures of her apartment. Our first night in town we went down to a country-western bar to go party with some of Will's friends (Steve and Loni) from the Chrome shop.
 This is the only picture we took together
This is me and Loni's wife, Darlene. She is a really cool chick who also works at this bar so we got all of our drinks for free
Pictureed here are Dave, Will and Saun. Dave and Saun served with Will in the Military. On saturday night we went over to Saun's house and drank beer and ate snack foods. Both Saun and Dave are married and have small children. April, Saun's wife, is very very pregnant and her pregnancy stories scared me. i don't think i ever want to get pregnant, those baby things are creepy!
Pictured Left to Right : will's grandfather, his dad, his stepmom, his sister. In the back ground is his uncle
Me and his sister Krissy after her high school graduation. Everyone kept on taking picture of us together because we are the same height. That's apparently REALLY interesting
At Will's dad's place. Will and his dog, Misty
There were these crazy rainstorms that would occur almost everyday
A picture of the rental car in a parking lot in downtown Detroit
One evening we went down to GreekTown in downtown Detroit and ate Greek food. It was really good!
After eating greek food, we walked down to an irish pub and watched the piston's game. I don't remember who most of these people are except for Kara ( the girl standing behind me). Kara is Will's best friend from college's widow ( her husband died in a drowning accident last summer)
That's a fun picture.
We spent a day and a half in the northern part of the state. This is a pretty lake which formed in a sink hole. Will had a job with Michigan State Univeristy in the area back in 2000.
A picture of me looking very tired in front of one of the Great lakes. I don't recall which one. ( grandma thinks its lake superior)
this is the end of part one part 2 coming soon

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Aug 12, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Aug 31, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
don't let those pregnancy stories scare ya; motherhood's the best!! Love, Aunt Kathy
Sep 1, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
Katherine, where the heck was the llama?? 
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