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Visiting Julie Carr's Shares (account name: beekielou)
Family Pictures- 2008

Family Pictures

 2008 was a ball of fire when it came to activities in the Torrance Carr household.

Tom expanded his business to Milwaukee by buying two new buildings: the  1910 Victorian Brumder Mansion  and  a 1920's, 'bungalow" which is right next door,  called Grand Central. Both are zoned commercial.

To see more visit the photo blog:http://www.keepandshare.com/photo/view.php?u=109592

Renovation projects to our beloved Torrance fixer -upper: The Kitchen (My favorite)

Before remodeling Kitchen...

Afterwards - Though still working on little things, which will hopefully be done by the end of April.

Katharine's Bridal Shower

THE WEDDING!   Katharine and William  at The Wayfarer's Chapel
(Some of my favorite pictures)
See more wedding pictures

Katharine and Jennifer with their cousins!


Our new great nephew, Memphis, who arrived on April 12th!

The second half of 2008 was pretty adventuresome as well.

We were in Milwaukee during May, part of June, most of July, all of August and part of September, and two weeks in November.

Some of the Highlights - that I have pictures of.

Osh Kosh Air Show

Beautiful flowers in the Brumder Garden

Music Festivals

Wisconsin State Fair

Pabst Mansion Tours -


New Curtains in the Gold Room - At the Brumder Mansion

Visitors came to see us! My mother came in May, and Poppa Tom and Marie came in August!

First snow in Milwaukee - the day I flew back in November.
Becky's Baby Shower - Beginning of September -Though I wasn't able to come, my camera did, with Katharine, who took some terrific pictures.
Daughter Katharine, Rebecca, mother to be, and daughter Jennifer.(Picture taken by Aunt Nancy)
The Galt Carr Women: Christina, Aunt Kathy, Rebecca and Monica

Epsie's cake!
They played games - What is in the diaper?
Carr Family Reunion Cruise down to Ensenada, Mexico - September 2008
My Pictures that I took on my trusty little cannon.

Fountain and Music show in San Pedro, in front of our cruise ship.

Some of the Carr Clan watching as our ship pulls out of the San Pedro Harbor.

Tom during the required  emergency practice procedures

Me, looking very orange.

Every night they gave us fresh towels. Our attendant was good at making animals out of the towels for the guests' amusement.

Top deck of the ship. There were 13 or so floors, and many activities to enjoy on this 3 day cruise.

Tom found the time to do a little paperwork in our cabin.

Food was terrific. This was breakfast. This was one of the eating areas used for breakfast, lunch and snacks, which were available between meals, of course. Dinner was served in the dining rooms, at two different times.

Marie eagerly about to dive into her cereal!

Poppa Tom (DAd) about to enjoy his oatmeal!!!

Rob and Andy...

Kathy with her waffle, fruit and eggs!!

Rich chose pancakes and eggs.

Jennifer's Graduation from Cal Poly and Luncheon at the Union Hotel - December 2008

In line to do the walk!

She is next to get her handshake, picture with President Baker and her participation momento.

Getting the official picture taken with her certificate.

Tom Jennifer and Me.

Her Uncle Dan and Aunt Nancy

Jennifer with her grandparents

Nanny Peggy and Jennifer

Jennifer with her sister Katharine and brother-in-law, William at The Union Hotel

Luncheon Celebration with family and friends at the Union Hotel in Los Alamos.

After a delicious lunch, dessert and presents.
To see more Graduation and luncheon pictures:

Christmas Eve in Torrance
- Go to link below

Christmas Eve in Torrance

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12:49 pm
Christina Roper (croper)
wow, what an eventful year!
Feb 23, 2009  ( 1 comment )  
12:41 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
A good synopsis of the year with remodeling, weddings, graduations, babies, etc.!!
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