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Visiting Kathy Carr's Shares (account name: kathy)
2005-07-21 Ireland Trip Page 4

2005-07-21 Ireland Trip Page 4
The hanging baskets of flowers are everywhere and so vibrant!
St. Patrick near to the Hill of Tara, where 142 kings were crowned in ancient Ireland.
"Christ behind and before me,
Christ beneath and above me,
Christ with me and in me,
Christ around and about me,
Christ on my left and my right,
Christ when I rise in the morning,
Christ when I lie down at night,
Christ in each heart that thinks of me,
Christ in each mouth that speaks of me,
Christ in each eye that sees me,
Christ in each ear that hears me."
-from St. Patrick's Breastplate
"We have all wandered away like sheep;
each of us has gone his own way.
But the LORD has put on him the punishment
for all the evil we have done."
- Isaiah 53:6
This is Newgrange, a huge passage tomb built around 3,000 BC.  The shaft of sunlight appears inside the rock structure on Dec. 21st, the shortest day of the year, through the Roof Box. The chamber inside is waterproof, built without the use of wheels.  It has been untouched and noone knows for sure why it was built to capture the sunlight just so.
The white quartz facade was reconstructed the way it is believed to have looked.  The sun reflects very brightly off the white quartz at times.
How did they ever get these huge rocks into place?!
Noone knows what the trefoils(spirals) mean for sure.
The mound covers a single tomb, and is cross-shaped inside.  We stood in pitch darkness while they shone a flashlight to demonstrate how the sun penetrates into the chamber.

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Aug 9, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Aug 10, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Aug 16, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
1:36 pm
Cheryl Roper (momroper)
I can't believe the flowers!
Nov 26, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
11:54 pm
Robert Carr (robert)
Humbling to think that the tomb is 5000 years old.   Makes turning 50 not so bad...
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