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Visiting Ian Carr's Shares (account name: redlightbulb)
East Coast Tour 2005 - 2

East Coast Tour 2005 Part 2

I wonder why McDonald's felt they had to post this sign...
Our wonderfull, 48 years of experience, and almost famous Gettysburg tour guide

The black thing to the left of the top window is a dud confederate explosive shell from the battle of Gettysburg

One of the many monuments to a General, the two hoofs in the air means he bit the dust in battle
Rose and Sally the War Dog  - Sally defended the dead and wounded for four days with out food or water.
We discuss our battle plan

Rose enjoys the light rain

We attentivly listen to the history of the largest cannonade in history, but wait... is Rose really listning?
No! She's looking at the skeliton leaves

Here she is on top of the historic Little Round Top

 Abe Shows a friend where he stayed the night before the Gettysburg address
Turns out it's Perry Como!
The quiet moments out of the eyes of the public
The Library at Bucknell
Looking thoughtful while thinking about being thoughtful in the library as a thoughtful Bucknell student.

In these hallowed floors Marie lived with her sororiety for two years at Bucknell
The doorway and room where Tom and Marie first met... Rose is re-creating Tom's cool demeanure at the time

The wonderfull Art-Deco 1941 theater on Lewisburg's Market street - Tom and Marie went to this theater during college
The now renovated building where, while visting the then icecream shop, Tom lost three girlfriends at the same time! 

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Aug 30, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
12:48 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
The Battle at Little Round Top is my favorite part of the movie "Gettysburg" and Chamberlain is a hero!
Sep 1, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
3:01 pm
Katharine Carr (katharine)
Wow! you got to see THE icecream shop!  i've heard that story several times,yet i've never seen the actual scene of the crime.
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