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Visiting Kathy Carr's Shares (account name: kathy)
2005-07-29 Ireland Trip Page 11 - Stirling (Saint Margaret's Chapel), Scotland

2005-07-29 Ireland Trip Page 10 - Stirling (Saint Margaret's Chapel), Scotland
David Livingstone was a model missionary to
Africa, who opened up the way for Christianity by his selfless service.  His motto was "Fear God and work hard." He was mauled by a lion, had malaria, had poisoned arrows shot at him, was knocked out of his canoe by a hippo and swam to shore before crocodiles could get to him. He attacked the evil of Portuguese and Arab slave trading in central Africa. His Missionary Travels and Researches in Southern Africa (1857) became a bestseller..."To be aroused in the dark by five feet of cold green snake gliding over one's face is unpleasant." How understated is that?!!
The beautiful shades of pinks, reds and white on the way up to the Royal Mile
This was my favorite spot in Edinburgh.  It is St. Margaret's Chapel, the oldest building at the Edinburgh Castle, built by her son David.
Princess Margaret found refuge in Scotland when her family was excluded from the English throne by William the Conqueror.  "Queen Margaret was one of the most lovely Queens there has ever been and she was loved because she herself loved so much, and did all she could for her subjects.  Above all, she loved God; and loving her people, she wanted them to love God too."  Margaret's name came from the Greek, margaron, a pearl, and came to prominence in Christendom through the martyrdom of St. Margaret of Antioch. She is sometimes called "The Pearl of Scotland."
She read the Scriptures in Latin and knew the writings of St. Augustine.  In 1070 she married the Malcom III, King of Scotland. "Her charity was unbounded; she thought of her poorest subjects before herself.  Every morning ...nine little orphans were brought to her.  When the little ones were carried to her, she did not think it beneath her to take them upon her knee and to get their pap ready for them and this she used to put into their mouths with the spoon which she herself used...The Queen did this act of charity for the sake of Christ, as one of Christ's servants."
-Isn't she an amazing woman of God?!!  Margaret had eight children, six sons and two daughters.  Of the sons, Edward, the eldest, was killed in battle.  Ethelred died young, Edmund "fell away from the good".  But the three youngest sons were the jewels in the crown; Edgar, Alexander, and David are remembered among the best kings Scotland ever had. Her two daughters also married kings and Margaret's children played a great part in the history of Scotland of England and of Europe.  "It is an interesting fact that of all the saints canonized by the Church of Rome, Queen Margaret stands alone as the happy mother of a large family, a mother who reared sons and daughters to her credit and died surrounded by her children. Margaret was not yet 50 when she died."--St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland(1994), Published by The St. Margaret's Chapel Guild
St. Columba's Window, another favorite of mine.  This prayer is attributed to him and is in our house.
"Jesus Christ,
Man and God,
Sacrificial Lamb who died for me:
Christ cleanse me of my sin,
Christ purge me of my pride,
Christ wash me of my willfulness.
God guide me with Your wisdom.
God chastise me with Your justice
God help me with Your mercy.
Spirit fill me with Your fullness.
Spirit shield me with Your power
Spirit lead me with Your grace.
For the sake of Your Anointed Son."
This is a copy of the gospel book Queen Margaret used to read from.  She also spent many hours in prayer and the saying of the Psalms.
I think this is St. Patrick, but could not find a description!
This the St. Margaret Altar Cloth created in her memory.  The center section is for Margaret's character:
oak leaves and acorns - strength of faith.
elm leaves - strength drawn from the Scriptures
hyacinth - peace of mind and the desire for heaven
pansy - meditation
cherry - sweetness of character, shown in good works
daisy - her name and innocence.
strawberry and violets - lowly plants, humility of the truly spiritual
fern - solitary humility and sincerity
bee - diligence and work
Cross - to remember the black rood which Margaret always kept with her.  To indicate her strong connection with the Celtic Church, there is a circle (eternity and never-ending existence) behind the Cross, containing freshwater pearls from the River Tay.  Pearl also stands for salvation and for the Word of God.
Although no one can take pictures of the Crown jewels, it was very interesting to see them and all the gold and pearl symbolism of Christianity on the crown itself.  Plus, the Stone of Destiny now lies beside the Honours, having finally been returned to Scotland by England 700 years later!
Kallene and I thought it was funny how useless my cheap umbrella was in windy Scotland!
Leaving the Castle, flanked by Robert the Bruce and William Wallace.
The ever present symbol of Scotland, the lion rampant!

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Aug 24, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
1:49 am
Christina Roper (croper)
neat history!
Aug 25, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
3:57 am
Richard Carr (richard)
I really enjoyed reading the 3 paragraphs on Princess Margaret
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