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This story is about a driving trip that started in Palos Verdes on July 18th, and was successfully completed when we arrived back Home on August 5th. Marie drove a total of 2750 miles
Marie and I have had a tradition of taking all our grandchildren on a special trip when they were about 11 years old. We have finished all the others, and this was Rose's turn. We discussed the options with Rose and her family to determine what interested her. One of the topics was the history of the pioneers as they struggled west. We then found that there was an
INTERGENERATIONAL ELDERHOSTEL PROGRAM that was entitled "The End of the Oregon Trail". It wascentered near the small town of Newberg, about one hour south west of Portland Oregon. It seemed great, so we made it the centerpiece of a two week exploration of the Northwest..
Marie and I planned to travel at a casual pace, so we stopped in San Luis Obispo to see Katharine on our way to San Franciso to pick up Rose. We  arrived at SF on Tuesday afternoon, and left with Rose about 10 AM on Thursday morning after a very nice visit.
The photos in these pages are from a number of sources, including Rose, Greg Stikeleather, who was our host in Seattle, Alan Poisner, a friend we met at the Elderhostel, and my trusty Canon digital camera. I also just received a few photos from Mrs Gaylaent, Coltons Grandmother and many from Michelle Welton, our Elderhostel Coordinator. Thanks to all
Here we are cruising north up Interstate 5 on a hot beautiful day in the Central Valley.
Rose has the whole back of the van to herself. She was an excellent travel partner and ended up doing most of the navigation. She read the maps, and used her wonderous vision to read signs and help search for restaurants and motels.
We are still on I5, but now approaching Mt Shasta. The temperature was in the very high 90s even at these altitudes. We drove to Yreka to stay in a Comfort Inn, but when we tried to register, they did not have our reservation. It turned out that the person on the phone had made the reservation at a Comfort Inn at Eureka by mistake. But it all got straightened out and we had a nice night.
As we planned, we arrived in Portland on Friday, two days before the Elderhostel was to start. This is so we could explore the Portland area. So, on Saturday morning, we headed for that biggie, Mount St Helens. And here is a photo of the peak from the North side, where the Major collapse occurred. We are at Wheeler's Ridge, location of the main visitor center. That black object in the foreground is the remains of a tree, knocked down by the huge blast when the mountain blew up.
There is a new peak being formed at a rapid rate in the middle of the crater.
Marie and I dare to turn our backs to the mountain!
Now it is Marie and Rose's turn.
This photo is taken from a path that goes up the ridge from the visitor center which is almost hidden. It was very nice and had many visitors. The valley on the left part of the photo is where the main mud slides descended, destroying all in its path.
The visitor center has a fantastic film presentation about the eruption, with lots of original footage.  At the conclusion of the show, the screen rolls up, and the curtains open to this marvelous view of the mountain. Real showmanship.
The next day we first went to the Oregon History museum,which was excellent. Here we capture Rose in the museum gift shop engaged in one of her favorite activities --- SHOPPING!
Two beauties in front of a beautiful church tower!
 We finally found our way to the famous Rose Garden and while walking from the car to the Rose Garden we passed this wonderful play ground where Rose had a ball!
This is Rose in front of her store ???
Like I said, this is a rose garden with many many beautiful roses. Rose took many photos, but I thought most of you know what a beautiful rose looks like, so they were not included and I provided this charming pair instead!
There she is, with her camera, hard at work
In addition to photographing roses, Rose also captures grandparents!
These musicians were very good.
After the rose garden we walked to the beautiful Japaneses Garden, and here is the entrance
A serene pond and waterfall.
Next, after a real navigation challenge, we finally found the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry -- OMSI, where we first saw a thrilling OmniMax film about a trip down the Nile from it's source in Abyssinia on rafts and kayaks.Unbelievable white water rapids! This was Rose's first OmniMax experience and she was amazed.  We next took a tour of a submarine, and here Rose is exploring the displays while we are in the waiting line.
We are sitting at a table in the Officers Wardroom on the sub when I took this self portrait of the two of us.

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Christina Roper (croper)
Love the informative captions!  that last one is a great picture of rose and grandpa
Sep 2, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Monica Galvan (monica)
Great photos!  just precious!
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