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Visiting Julie Carr's Shares (account name: beekielou)
Copy of The 2007 Thankgiving Bowling Adventure - More pics -- December 5, 2007 12:16 am.

The 2007 Thanksgiving Bowling Adventure - Tom's pics

The whole group partakes in the fun! 
Anticipation runs wild!
Andrea plans her moves!

Excited, are we?

Kathy prepares her throw!
Poppa Tom takes digital movies.

 Oscar is deep in thought!

Will and Katharine



Sweet Christina 

Aaron and Christina 
Kathy looks very pleased and amazed! 
Andrea, me and Jane 

Jennifer and Nanny Marie

She draws back for the throw.....AND

Nanny Marie celebrates!


Jennifer in action!


And now ....Team Four!

Julie and  Dan

Here she goes! Can she avoid the dreaded gutter ball and make contact despite the inevitable wicked back spin on the ball?

Focus Julie! Focus!!


Yes!  I hit something!!!!!!!!!!!! A record 8 pins!!!!!

Victory at last!

Dan and Nancy ponder their next moves.
Tom takes his turn!  He was a pretty good bowler!


Tom's victory dance!


Dan celebrates a big hit!



Nancy also KO's the pins!


Meanwhile Katharine begins, while Aaron chooses his ball. 

She throws!


Happy Monica and Oscar! 
 Poppa Tom switched to still photos.

Poppa Tom also had a turn. Though he is vision challenged, he still has good form!
Richard and Aaron 

Richard,  with Monica in the background.

Waiting for the results!


A very happy Richard!

Rose takes her turn!


Will and Christina 
Will and Robert plan their attacks. 


Laughter and good times make a memorable family outing!


A grand time was had by all!

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