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Visiting Julie Carr's Shares (account name: beekielou)
Bedroom and Kitchen Remodeling Adventure - Part One

Bedroom and Kitchen Remodeling Adventure

"Before Pictures" of the Kitchen and Bedroom which are first on the plan to be renovated and remodeled.

Our old galley kitchen.

Broom closet and storage between the bedroom door and the fridge.

Right side

View from back door.

Closeup of cabinets and drawers under the stove top.

 Tiny closet, upper cubbards and side of cubbards by the door, decorated with the nursery motif of Raggedy Anne and Andy, and Mrs. Puddleduck. (Room was a nursery in 1982!)

Last look of the door which will be no more, and the stunning new shades just bought.

The demo begins with the tearing out of the closet and cubbards in Katharine's little room next to the kitchen.


The closet and cubbards were demolished.

Repairing the wall and ceiling where the cubbards attached.

Turning a door frame into part of the wall.

Scraping wallpaper is a tough job, especially when it was originally put up on the wall by the experienced Carl and Peggy Miesse in 1982, in honor of their new granddaughter, Katharine

After a lot of work, Mrs. Puddle duck and her friends are gone! Painting!

Removing the cubbards, sink, ceiling panels and wall oven

A 23 year old apprentice who is very talented.

Goodbye sink! The man in the red shirt is the head carpenter.


Right side also taken out.

The wall oven and cubbards are the last to go.

There I am, amazed what can be done with just a hammer!


The remains of our old kitchen, which they hauled away.
Ceiling work

All the white tiles which were falling down were taken off. the surprise was the brown sticky paper underneath.

Brown paper still needs to be scraped. 
Lunch Break!

What is behind this mysterious plastic sheet?

A new entry way into the kitchen from the dining room!

 A new pass-through rectangular opening, which overlooks our living room was also cut before they left on Saturday.

While we are experiencing house camping and washing some dishes in the bath tub, it is truly thrilling to see our house being renovated and remodeled before our eyes!


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7 / 1000 comments
Dec 10, 2007  ( 6 comments )  
8:20 am
Tom Carr (penpaint)
Yes, it is a great adventrure!! Thanks for the excellent reporting!
8:54 am
Christina Roper (croper)
Very exciting!
9:33 am
Robert Carr (robert)
Wow Julie, they are really moving along.  All this in one day?  Will they be finished next week?
9:58 am
Julie Carr (beekielou)
They did all this all in one week! They worked 6 days, 9 -5.
6:15 pm
Richard Carr (richard)
Wow, you must really be excited!!!
Can't wait to see the finished kitchen and bedroom!
10:09 pm
Kathy Carr (kathy)
It will be like getting a new house; we're doing a little remodeling ourselves, with a new grandchild room and new trim on the outside of the house.
Dec 14, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
10:02 am
Paul Di Zinno (sisyphus)
Hi Tom and Julie,
Linda and I have gone through some very similar renovations of our home over the last 24 years.  Several years ago we put a new floor in the downstairs which required us having the kitchen and entire downstairs completely gutted.
Linda and the dogs lived for two weeks in the laundry room with our house open to the elements in January!  (I was at work, warm and sheltered from the elements.)
Good luck!  It looks very exciting.
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