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27 Dia de Independencia!

27 -  Dia de Independencia!
For Independence Day the church had a big party where they had tacos, games, and a sermon, then some of us headed down to downtown, cuz in the main plaza, the governer was coming to do the yell at 11pm, because Quer�taro played a major role in the independence of Mexico, so many people come here to celebrate.  The governer screamed, the �Viva M�xico!, with everyone screaming after him, followed by their national anthem.  It was awesome, out of control, with all the people, but definitly an experience!!
Ready to celebrate the independence of M�xico! 
Alma brought out this suitcase of goods to dress up in :)
Teresa (Alma�s mom) with her two hijas for the night
Alma and I were twins! (gemelas!!)
Will you check out the eyeshadow!  How awesome is that!
The lady on the right is like a mother to me.  They are a family in the church, and I love going over to their house, they are always so kind and welcoming! 
Hedardo, a baby in the nursery, who is always, always happy, so cute!
Cassie and her mom - Guapas!!
and the excitement begins
everyone was waving their flags proudly
Group of church friends that I went with
it was so packed, we couldn�t move
the governer and his son to the lift
after the scream "el grito" they had fireworks and dancers!
spectacular, ya!
Chaleo, put me on his shoulders, and that view from above, I�ll never forget, it was soooo awesome, just to take it all in, sureal!
some of the gang from church that we went with
the whole city was spraying foam at everyone
and then we crashed like tired pandas in my double bed, we were exhausted.

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3:44 am
Monica Galvan (monica)
The braids are what they where for traditional dress, and Alma use to do traditional Mexican dances, when she was a little girl, so she busted them out for the holiday, but i didn{t want to lose them, so we didn{t take them to downtown.
Oct 10, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
11:50 am
karen alviso (karen)
Again the pictures are amazing.  You are quite the phtographer.  you have met so many great people. Praise God.  karen
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