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Visiting Mark Montgomery's Shares (account name: montybird747)
Scenics from the Air

Scenics from the Air
Southern Honshu, Japan - Tokyo in the distance

 Fed-Ex and UPs on the Airway to Japan

 Descending into Anchorage from Japan

 Sunset near Iwo Jima - leftover puffers from the afternoon thunderstorms

Glaciers- Climbing out from Anchorage Eastbound for Cincinnatti
 The Moon Arising over the Pacific at Sunrise

  Sunset over the East China Sea

Volcano Anathatha erupting near the Marianas Island of Saipan - ash cloud to 20,000 feet

This volcano is just a tiny little uninhabitated point of land that happe ns to be the top of an active volcano

Super Hot ash cloud

Oh, and our dispatchers didn\'t tell us about the eruption - a little surprise at the end of our flight from Tokyo

Mt. Fuji in the distance, Boso Pensisula in the foreground, Tokyo under clouds in the middle

Aurora Borealis over Northern Canada

Comet McNaught over South Island of New Zealand, Feb 2007

And, some pretty clouds over Manila, Philippines

Sunset over Shanghai, China  2007

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May 22, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
10:19 pm
Richard Carr (richard)
Great photos!
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