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Howard, Makiko, Marshmellow 1st day of lectures - Jerusalem
 Sharon and Janice chowing down on breakfast at the Mt. Zion hotel

Hinnom Valley (Gahenna), Jerusalem, where children were sacrificed to Molech

Barb Burkes trying out Herod's family tomb- Jerusalem

At the traditional site of Samuel's tomb - he was really buried over there

In the prophet Samuel's traditional burial site

Kidron Valley- South side of temple mount

Lunch time at the 'stuff your pita' kiosk- Pat Jones, me, Andrew Williamson
The Wailing Wall - Jerusalem
Underground the modern city of Jerusalem on ancient Roman  roads

Guarding the Lion Gate - Old City, Jerusalem

Ambushed convoys in the war of independence (1948) that never made it to resupply besieged Jerusalem

Threshing the chaff from the wheat

Independence Day in Israel

Pat Jones writing a love letter to a 1000-year old olive tree

Original Site of Shilo where the arc tabernacled for over 200 years- West Bank, Israel

Two really cool sojourners: Ayelet Hendren and Fritz Zeiser next to barley fields in the coastal (Philistine) Plains
Guarding a West Bank Israeli Village 

Linda Schultz and Jan Penninger at the Bell Caves
 Our fearless leader and his new fashion statement
More to come..standy for Israel 2004 2 !! 

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Sep 23, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
I love seeing the photos of the Holy Land.  In a few days KeepAndShare will have a button "Email this" on every page where one is viewing a photo blog or document.  If it's ok with you I'll email a bunch of my friends to check out these great Holy Land photos.
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