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33 - La Playa - San Blas --Oct 26

La Playa - San Blas
Alma and her mom Teresa invited myself and another friend of Alma´s to spend the weekned at the beach with them.  We went to San Blas which is a tradition for them to go to.  It was about 8 hours away by car.  So, we had quite an adventure.  I learned alot over the weekend - lots of new vocabulary (slang), what the locals do in small pueblitos, and just about life in México. 
¡Muchísimo Gracias a Teresa y Alma para invitarme!
Mónica y yo ready for the treck.  We were the backseat.
Our terrific driver
...and RICKY!!!  He was alot of fun to have along!
My first shrimp in México.  I couldn´t get over the fact that they still had their eyes!
The Restaruant
Our first night in the beach town.  We left Thursday morning and returned Monday morning
We were sweating from the heat and humidity.
Hotel room with 2 beds and a bathroom, 5 minutes from the beach, for $20 bucks, I love Mexico!
Enjoying the sand!
What happened here??
Wild horse on the playa :)
Can´t go to the beach and not have Micheleadas :)
My dream come true!!  Riding a horse on the beach!!!
¡Gracias chikas por montando los caballos conmigo!
All along the beach our these restaurants.
These ladies were here for like 5 hours, just listening to music and drinking, they were quite entertaining.
Isn´the Lord´s creation AMAZING!!!
Ricky loved the car rides!!
"Mexican Pinky Promise" 
A local cafe-bar we hung out at every night, and talked with the bartender Bernardo.  He was cool!  And told us about the history of San Blas, and what happend to it recently when the hurricanes hit it a couple of years ago.  He had fish swimming in his house!
And you can´t forget the ICECREAM!! 
Mira, chickas, somos negritas!
Going for snacks in the morning!

Creation date: Oct 26, 2005 7:39 am     Last modified date: Oct 31, 2005 6:21 am   Last visit date: Jul 14, 2019 1:42 pm
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Oct 26, 2005  ( 3 comments )  
6:39 am
Richard Carr (richard)
Great pics! 
So do they each the shrimp with the eyes?  Or do they cut off that part?  How about you?
That was so nice of Alma's mom to take you along.
7:05 am
Christina Roper (croper)
Great Pictures!  The shrimp were cool.  Did you ever figure out where you went?  I'm guessing it was nowhere near where the hurricane was.  I miss you!
8:22 am
Kathy Carr (kathy)
I'm so jealous you got to go horseback riding on the beach!  Catorce mas dias a ver tu!! Yo no espero!
Oct 27, 2005  ( 1 comment )  
5:22 am
Monica Galvan (monica)
No, you pull off the eyes and the skin.  We were in San Blas, which is like 2 hours away from Puerta Vallarta (a famous tourist spot).  this beach was awesome, cuz there were hardly any tourists.  Miss you too.
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