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Visiting Monica Galvan's Shares (account name: monica)
35 - Viaje a Juxtlahuaca --Oct 31

Viaje a Juxtlahuaca
I had the amazing opportnunity to go to Juxtlahuaca a pueblo en Oaxaca up in the mountains to visit some missioneries and to learn and see their life.  Whitney, the missonery here knows I would love to do this kind of work, so she organized the trip for me to experience life with missioneries in a smaller pueblo.   I went with my friend Marilu on this 14 hour bus ride to the middle of nowhere!!  We were up in the mountains and it was BEAUTIFUL!!  But what was more beautiful was to see God work throughout the entire weekend.  Incredible!! 
Marilu sleeping on the 14 hour treck on the bus
Here´s a yummy snack for ya!
The missionery´s house, where there was youth group friday night
Jorge (a missionery) painting
Martín (the head missionery)
Youth in the church
Having fun!  I would not have wanted to do anything else, with my Saturday
Raul (missionery from Ensenada)
La casa de Rufina (old indegenous woman that lives up in the mountains)  She had some roosters in her house that we slept with and were going off all morning, bright and early :)
Where she always sleeps, on a table
The view in the morning, I walked outside and was left in complete awe.  I had no idea where we were, cuz we came in the night.  In the middle of nowhere! "Yucundibi"
But just gorgeous!
All views from her house
Her house
Rufina, a very sweet woman, with a horrific past, but now has joy after knowing Christ!
Marilu and I went exploring in the morning
And found a creek
Rufina also speaks mixteca, her indigenous language
In this region, they have giant tortillas!  She made these by hand on her metate!
In the morning we made the trek down to church with some other woman that live 20 minutes up the mountain.
You walk through trees, cornfields, dirt, until you come upon a dirt road, where you wait for a truck
These women also have had very hard pasts.  Hearing their stories is something I´ll never forget.  They were so kind and precious.  They want Marilu and I to marry their sons. :)  Who are 21 and 22.
The ride in the back of the truck, hang on, cuz the roads are bumby.
Marilu and I heading home enjoying "chayote" a vegetable, a gift from Rufina
Gracias a Dios por Todo

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2:20 pm
Robert Carr (robert)
seeing the picture of her house it's clear you got to see some really Mexican countryside living...  wonderful!
Jul 3, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
11:09 am
Vanessa Dierks (vanessaheart)
Looks like fun!
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