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Maui! (first part of Hawaii trip)

Maui! (first part of Hawaii trip)
Here are some pictures from the first part of our trip to Hawaii.  The captions for the pictures are below each picture, but i think next time I'll put them on top.  Quick high/low points:  Highlight was scuba diving.  I've always wanted to do it, and I finally got to go down to 30 feet which was really cool.  Mom and dad didn't go with me though.  Also, over breakfast one morning, mom and I saw some whales breaching which was amazing.  We've seen a lot of mom and baby pairs where the mom is teaching the baby all the things it could need to know about maneuvering in the water, and it's been really cool to watch.  We also saw a pod of dolphins which was really sweet.  The worst part of the trip, for me at least, was that I got stung by a Man-O-War jellyfish!  Not fun, but it makes kind of a cool story...
 Welcome to Maui!
 this is the view from our room
 not bad...
 sunset Mai Tais!
 my grandparents were supposed to join us, but in the end couldn't, so it was just the 3 of us.
 not a great pic, but it's an eel!!!
 mom underwater
 another eel
 there's a convict fish!
 not zoomed in!  we were really this close!!
 bubbles from scuba divers - really fun to play in
 unicorn fish
 secret beach
 gorgeous wedding
i'm getting taken down by a wave... 
 dad's idea...
 yep, i still love playing in the sand.
 the significance of this one is that i got stung by a man-o-war jellyfish!  i didn't see it though.  I just thought is was mom kicking me with her flippers, but i have this huge welt that goes all around my ankle, and I think i'm having an allergic reaction to it because it's supposed to go away not long after you get it, but mine is SUPER itchy and has been keeping me up at night for days :(
 this is a pic of a turtle i got while scuba diving
 this is me 30 ft underwater scuba diving with a family of 5 giant turtles.  only one of them made it in the pic.
 cruise ships flood the towns with ppl.
 they cook the pig underground.  this is them beginning to excavate it.
 then they take of the sheets that were coving it.
 then they have to take off all the leaves...
 and then they throw the pig in the tray to serve it up.
 male hula dancers performing the history of the hula
 the women.  gotta be hard with that huge head dress on!
 then the missionaries came and they had to cover up.
 cool blow hole
 maui coast
 mom went in for a closer look and got blasted
 olavine pools.  Super clear and deep tide pools we could go swimming in.
 mom and i in the pool
 underwater shot in the pool
 lava isn't actually that comfortable to sun bathe on.
 the pools from up above
 dinner in lahaina
 trinket shop
 ok, check out this banyan tree.  all the things hanging from the tree are roots that are growing down from the branches which will ultimately reach the ground and support the branches
 view of lahaina, maui with molokai in the background
 back to the then grows out and plants itself in a new spot.  what looks like a tree on the left is actually an extension of the first tree.  you can see that the branches arch over and connect to the new trunk.
 here's the new trunk, and the branches high on the right connect to the original trunk
 this is another example of a cool banyan's the world's biggest!  through there you can see the original trunk.  There are 16 other major trunks which have sprouted.  you can see a couple of them here in the fore ground. 
 so here's the original trunk...
 and another trunk which has grown from the first trunk.  all those trunks in the back ground which look like they belong to other trees are actually extensions of the first tree!
 same for this pic too
 and here.  what a freak tree!

some pics of maui from the air as we were on our way to kauai

So that's it for now.  I'll upload more pictures when we finish our kauai part of the trip.  i'll be getting back to the bay on the 19th so if you're around there, let me know.  i'll also be visiting pomona the weekend of the 24-27, so i'll see some of you there.  hope you are all well!

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2 / 20 comments
Jan 15, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Derek Young (dyoungster)
Excellent format for sharing your experiences! Very excited to follow you trip through Spain. Hawaii looks like it was amazing! What crazy trees! See you soooon!
Jan 17, 2008  ( 1 comment )  
Ian Carr (redlightbulb)
Is there a resort next to yours? If it's nicer than yours it's the one the cast of LOST stays at for their cast parties. If it's not as nice its the one my friend stayed at and saw the cast of Lost at yours!
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