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Cubboards and granite: Construction fun 4

Cubboards and Granite: Construction Fun 4
The cubboards arrived!!!!
Backside of a cubboard
 Closeup of front of a cubboard

Back door is gone - Something you don't see every day.  We now have a new door, which I haven't taken a picture of it yet.


By the end of the day.....


Spray painting of the kitchen cubboards and trim - Glad that is over - very stinky.


Cubboard Doors and Shelves
Door hinges 


Shelves: Stationary and roll-outs.
Roll out drawers
Stationary shelves.

More roll-outs.

Food Pantry - Outside
 Pantry roll-out drawers - I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!  No more having to put food and cans all over the kitchen.

Top Shelves

Granite Counters and Sink Installation


Preparation for counter 
Granite to be trimmed

Ready to Go

Granite Counter in place.  Called blue pearl. It looks black, but it has blue in it. It's beautiful!

Other side of kitchen. The square opening is for the built-in dishwasher, sitting in the living room now.

 Here is the new kitchen sink

You can see the blue in the granite better in this picture.

Our kitchen wall tile came today, so the next blog will probably show the work being done.
Still are waiting for the linoleum. The staining of the woodwork is also on the agenda.

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