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Visiting Tom Carr's Shares (account name: penpaint)
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This year Richard and Kathy invited the whole California Carr Clan to celebrate Thanksgiving at their wonderful home in Galt, CA.  The main part of the celebration extended from Wednesday to Saturday.  We took advantage of the fact that almost everyone could be there except Nancy and Dan, who were needed in Chicago for Dan's family.  We decided to try and take some "formal" family group photos, and to also have one of the traditional family soccer games.  These group photos and soccer game photos are on separate photoblogs.  Links are provided at the bottom of this photo blog.
Family members started arriving on Wednesday, and here is a delicious dinner, with wine!
It will soon be time for dinner and Robert has volunteered to do the carving.
Now we jump ahead to the real thing, Dinner on Thanksgiving Day
Here is fiance's corner.  Will on the left, and Katharine on the right; Oscar and Monica in the center.
Marie and Tom Sr in the back on the left, Andi and Rob in the center.
Katharine is happy and enjoying the day.
Marie is proposing a toast.
We had lots of fine wine, enjoyed by many.
There was a very pleasant fire in the fireplace.
It makes my mouth water just to look at these wonderful pies that came from far and wide!
I will try and point our some more attendees - Ian standing in the back with Jennifer, Katharine and Rebecca to his left. Aaron and Christina at the R foreground.
Tom Jr with his back to the fireplace, and I am standing with camera.
Here is a nice grouping with all looking at the camera! From left to right, Marie, Tome Sr (me), Tom Jr,Julie, Robert and Andi.
From L to R: Ian, Jennifer, Katharine, Rebecca, and Christina in the far dark distance.
Will, Monica and Oscar on the left, and Rose, Ian and Jennifer on the right.
The  cleanup crew working in the kitchen.
Rebecca and her dad discussing a photo in her camera.
You would not believe the number of laptops that came to the celebration!  Here Ian is demonstrating his new Apple to his grandpa, who is finding it easy to swallow!
But there were even more cameras! L to R:  Tom Sr, Aaron, Tom Jr, Marie and Julie. I wonder who took this photo.
Ian is charming the ladies!  He does this very well.
I was trying co capture some video while the others snapped photos. I hope I can get around to editing it some day.
Tom Jr with his great Canon D-10.
Rose and Phoebe.
Marie is in good spirits. She loves her extended family.
Rose thought it was only fair to pose with the cat also.
Here Richard and Rebecca prove that the kitchen help can have fun also.
Jennifer -- Our Cal Poly SLO student.
I think that this was lunch on Friday. Yum Yum!
The younger generation is engrossed in a board game. This is revealing!
And the game goes on.
But poor Julie has to try and catch up on some of her web site responsibilities.
The very picture of a loving Mother and daughter! Andi and Rose.
Aaron and Julie share a joke.
Will is sharing an adventure with Rebecca.
Marie and Tom are probably learning more about Ian's experiences a new freshman at Pomona College. It sounds great!
Katharine and Will must be discussing wedding plans!
Sisters, sisters -- Jennifer and Katharine
Becky has almost finished! She really is a wonderful willing volunteer when cleanup chores need to be done.
Katharine and Will are still discussing wedding plans.
Here Tom Jr is sporting his new super duper professional Canon camcorder. It takes great video.

Click on these links to visit tie other 3 photo blogs that are part of this Thanksgiving celebration.

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Feb 8, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Christina Roper (croper)
Great commentary as always Grandpa!
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