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Leper- Kelley Project

Leper- Kelley Project
Christmas 2007
All the people were so happy to receive new clothes!
Making a visit to each home,  giving the much loved candy!
Jeya Mary is our smallest sponsored child in the leper village! Both parents have leprosy, Jeya Mary does not.
Merry Christmas 2006!
Aadhi Lakshmi was  born Oct. 25, 2001 and lives in the leper colony. Some of her family members have leprosy, but she does not. This curse on the family makes them  outcasts and untouchable to society. We plan to sponsor Aadhi and register her in an English Matriculation school. She will receive hope for a bright future! Aadhi does not attend  school.
Sagaya Seeli, born November 30, 1998  lives with her family who has leprosy in the village. Even though Sagaya does not have leprosy, she is considered untouchable also. We plan to sponsor Sagaya and provide her with hope and a future! Sagaya does not attend school at this time.
Pastor Philip operates our Grace Garden Children's Home.  After prayer, we decided to bless all the lepers by washing their feet and applying the medicine and wrapping their feet in sterile bandages.
Many people had no toes, half a foot or no foot at all.  Many also had no fingers and their faces were deformed from the years of having leprosy..
Our Children from Grace Garden Children's Home were happy to help relieve these suffering souls!
These poor souls were soaking up the love and attention!
This is Jenifer. She is eleven years old and wants to become a nurse or doctor!
All the ladies and gents received new clothes!
These people did not mind standing in the long line to receive their Special Christmas Chicken Dinner including dessert!
Our Children helped serve the food! This man also has no fingers.
Everyone was so happy to eat this special meal called Byriani! this woman holdin her child has deformed fingers that are severely twisted. She always manages to have a big smile !
We returned in February to unload our monthly food, soap and provisions.
Darla's new best friends! Darla is giving candies to the blind leper man. We quickly discovered that the adults love candy too! This man had no fingers so i carefully had to place the candy in his palm.
Loving the unlovely. What would Jesus do?

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Feb 8, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Kathy Carr (kathy)
It's wonderful to see the children helping serve the people as well!!
Feb 14, 2007  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
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