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Visiting Portland Blender User Group's Shares (account name: porbug)
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Agenda 000 Proporals





So, add your comments to this discussion (down at the very bottom).



-  Personal Intros (Who are we as individual Blender Users?)

     *  Blender experience, talent levels and fortes

     *  Show-and-tell any artwork, projects and accomplishments

     *  Current/future Blender goals, desires and intentions


-  Group Identity

     *  Vision, Mission

          +  Learning 3D-art from our shared inspirations in Blender and accoutrements (GIMP, Photoshop, etc)

          +  Frustrated newb support and casually curious encouragement

          +  3D art projects, challenges

     *  Group Name

     *  Group Logistics

          +  Computer networking [TeamViewer, Skype, GoToMeeting, GooglePlus, other?]

          +  Group networking [KeepAndShare, WunderKit, other?]

     *  Possible Group Officers?


-  Next Meeting(s)?

     *  More Accommodating Meeting locations (if not the Art Institute of Portland)

     *  Advertising the Group's Existence and Activities

          +  Local

          +  Internet (other than Blender News Headlines)

     *  Possible Topics

          +  Online resources (who knows what's out there and what's your favorite or most frequented)

          +  Group activities


Anticipated Duration:  3 hours

Creation date: Sep 14, 2012 9:51pm     Last modified date: Sep 15, 2012 8:41am   Last visit date: Jul 10, 2021 8:55pm
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Sep 15, 2012  ( 3 posts )  
Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

RE: Computer Netwroking.  TeamViewer is the only free (for non-business private individuals) Internet group communications service that not only accommodates audio and video conferencing, but also remote viewing and remote control of computers.


If not TeamViewer, what other free service will allow one or several absent members to watch a meeting in progress, or two or more members hooking up outside of meetings?


Baechler (of SeaBUG) told me that Skype accommodates remote viewing.  I couldn't find such, at least not in Skype's free accounts.

Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

To set this KeepAndShare up, I had to assume some things that the group should decide, like the Group Name; PorBUG.  If we decide on a different name, we might want to set up different accounts (this KnS=PorBUG, and this needed an


Besides, I'm kind of hoping one of us knows or finds a better group logistics web service.  Though KnS has a lot of practical functionality that we can use, I don't really care for its looks, and PorBUG could easily grow beyond KnS's free account limits.

Multiversal Empires Collaboration Project (jenuvyel)

Not yet knowing each other's Blender backgrounds and intentions (Personal Intros), the proposed Vision, Mission are just that; Proposals.  Maybe we want something more instructional, especially if there are some Blender &/or 3D graphics experts, possibly w/ formally education, among us?