Got more information than your head can hold? Bring together & securely store all the info that’s scattered around your office. Your K&S account holds up to 30 calendars per user, plus apps for files, to do lists, addresses, photos, & tables.

Do you have remote employees, multiple locations, or need to check in from home & on-the-go? With Keep&Share, your files are stored in the cloud, which means you can log in & view them from any device with internet, any time.

Eliminate phone calls, emails, & memo “updates” when everyone already has access to the most up-to-date version of any file. We'll even send emails out automatically when there’s a change, so everyone stays in-the-loop.

 We LOVE Keepandshare! What a lifesaver it has been for our event business! Our criteria included an easy-to-learn interface, mobile accessibility in case we are away from the office, the ability to add and take away users, the option of multiple calendar overlays, and excellent customer support. Keepandshare has exceeded our expectations! 

—  Amy Kelly, Owner, PicFlips Flipbooks

 Perfect For Groups
Team plans are designed to make sharing & collaboration simple + secure. Quickly share view- or edit-rights with other seats on your plan, and they'll get updates.
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 Help from real people
Not only do we have a wide collection of help articles & video tutorials, but we also have real people answering your support questions! Customers rave about our email & phone support, like our personalized setup consultations.

Keep&Share’s calendars let you put pages of text, images, colors, links & more into your calendar — and the 20+ view modes are handy, too. We specialize in giving you options other calendars can’t.
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 When I have questions for the Keep and Share Support Team the turnaround time is always lightning fast! But that is not very often because the Keep and Share interface is so intuitive. If you can use Microsoft Word you can use Keep and Share. 

—  Cristin Oldenburg, Marketing Manager, Town of Snowmass Village

Keep&Share is the hassle-free way to keep all your calendars and other important files in one secure, always-accessible location.

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