Is Your Office Drowning in Paper & Weighed Down by Clunky Tools?

Put your business on solid ground with hassle-free, reliable online calendars & files. Communication becomes effortless with automatic team updates & anywhere-access.

  • Accessible 24/7, anywhere, any device
  • Up to 30 calendars per account
  • Solo AND multi-user Team plans
  • Embed calendars on your website
  • Collaborate in 1 secure online space
  • Share edit rights or just “view only” access

Fast-growing businesses & nonprofits rely on Keep&Share

Have you added new staff, clients, or departments... and your old system just can’t cut it anymore? It can be cumbersome and time-consuming to try to keep track on paper or with a tool that just isn’t robust enough.

Whether you’re transitioning from a paper system or you need to get rid of a low-powered software tool, Keep&Share is ready to step up and fill in the gaps for your business.

  • Business Owners
  • Realty Offices
  • Churches
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Teachers
  • Sports Teams
  • Universities
  • City Governments
  • Office Managers

K&S grows as your business grows

Try a Solo plan if you’re leading on your own for now, and upgrade to a multi-user Business plan as your business & your staff grow.

Customer support that actually exists

Our customer support starts with our CEO, who makes it a priority for our business. We’ve got email and phone support, and we’re listening.

Communication is quicker & easier

Keep&Share’s simple sharing and automatic update features keep communication effortless even while your business expands.

“The All-in-One Solution” — 6 powerful tools on 1 secure site

To Dos

Got more information than your head can hold? Bring together & securely store all the info that’s scattered around your office.

Now, all your important information stays at your fingertips — even multiple calendars, even for multiple users.

Free your business from cobbled-together solutions. Just 1 Keep&Share plan gives you 6 powerful tools that you and your staff can use.

  • Up to 30 calendars in 1 handy location
  • Employees have their own linked accounts
  • Intuitive cooperation, not a mess of tools
  • Calendars PLUS 5 more apps for teams
  • 1 place everyone in the office can access
  • Multiple editors for one calendar or file

  Now your staff sees up-to-date calendars & files at work, home, or in the field 24/7

Do you have remote employees, multiple locations, or need to check in from home & on-the-go? Then you know how frustrating it is when the info you need now is sitting on your desk at the office, or in someone else’s hands.

Your Keep&Share calendar and the 6 other team tools are always up-to-date, always accessible on any device with internet.

Check in on the fly, in a snap — Mac or PC, tablet or smartphone, laptop or desktop — no problem!

 Sync to other calendar software 
 Any email system 
 Macs & PCs 
 Works with MS Word, Excel, et al 

“We’ve cut down on lots of emails, memos, & phone calls — but everyone’s still up to date!”

Updating people is a pain, but you know that having the right info at the right time is crucial to running your business.

When you’ve got Keep&Share, though, you just tell ’em to “Check the calendar!”

Because it’s always up-to-date, even if you just changed it. We’ll even send them an email telling them there’s something new, if you want us to.

  • Eliminate phone calls, emails & memos
  • K&S alerts staff when you make changes
  • No more worrying you forgot someone
  • Send/receive updates in the field
  • Everyone always has up-to-date info
  • End requests for already-booked dates

  The same old generic calendar template Just. Won’t. Cut it.

That’s why we’ve made Keep&Share the most customizable calendar tool on the web.

Most calendar software is pathetically low-powered — as if one-size-fits-all can fit your business. But busy teams have lots of schedules, and multiple employees keeping track of them.

  • View by week, month, day, or hour
  • Add icons, photos & colors
  • Up to 20 pages of notes per day
  • Attach notes & reminders to events
  • Print PDFs of your calendars
  • Color-code events
  • Overlays & Side-by-Side View
  • Word processor-like text formatting
  • Embed it on your website
  • Accept online bookings/reservations

Compare your current tool to what you can create in Keep&Share now:

“I found KeepandShare after trying numerous calendaring solutions from other vendors. The array of options has made it remarkably easy to configure the calendars to my exact specifications, and to offer solutions to my clients that provide them the flexibility that they need without the complexity usually attached to such solutions.”

Mitch Schwartz
VP Technical Services
Millenium Software Ltd.

“We LOVE Keepandshare! What a lifesaver it has been for our event business! Our criteria included an easy-to-learn interface, mobile accessibility in case we are away from the office, the ability to add and take away users, the option of multiple calendar overlays, and excellent customer support. Keepandshare has exceeded our expectations!”

Amy Kelly
PicFlips Flipbooks

  Customer support that actually exists!

A lot of the “big guys” in calendar software just leave you to fend for yourself in user-written forums… or just a stock of help screens to sift through.

We won't abandon you.

At Keep&Share, your feedback inspires new features, fixes bugs, and helps us understand what our customers need so we can be a better business.

That's why we have a real customer support center with real people reading your emails & answering your phone calls — including Robert, our CEO.

Customer feedback is so important that Robert sometimes pitches in several hours a day in the support center — learning from & helping users like you.

This is our CEO, Robert
He could be the one answering your email!

“The calendars are great no doubt, but for me one of the most important and helpful features is their amazing customer support led by Robert Carr.

“Trust me, it couldn't be any better, any more efficient, thorough, timely or polite, than if you were able to run it yourself. It's EXACTLY the way you wish all customer support could be.

“If 5 stars are the highest rating, I go 6!!”

Paul Jost
Performing Artist
Owner, Paul Jost Music

The solution that works where you work

“I use Keep&Share to help my client, a medical services practice, maintain each practitioner’s patient schedule. Since the scheduling is done at any of the various offices, a quickly accessible, online schedule is mandatory to reduce conflicts and unnecessary communication when scheduling an appointment... Other shared calendar solutions that I’ve tried have neither the flexibility or ease of use of Keep&Share.”

Mitch Schwartz
VP Technical Services
Millenium Software Ltd.

A tool the whole team will love

“We have been using Keep & Share since August 2012. This is the most user friendly calendar that I have come across. The multiple color options make it easy to keep track of everyone in & out of our office. Plus, since it’s a web based program our rental agents are able to check their appointments from anywhere! The to-do section allows the company to keep track of tasks & pending applications at the touch of a button. Plus, their customer service is superb. I highly recommend this product to everyone!”

Angela F., Assistant Bookkeeper
Realty Roundup, INC

Your simple solution to complex problems

“We have a very small company and needed a simple calendar with online access. I had tried an online scheduler that was over complicated and problematic. I found Keep&Share and we are so Happy!!! I love it! It is easy to use and makes my life better every day! I absolutely love this program and site! It is easy for me to check from home too! Thank you KeepandShare!”

Tina A. Goens
HR Director
Indianapolis Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center

Keep&Share is the hassle-free way to keep all your calendars and other important files in one secure, always-accessible location.

Join more than 2.5 million satisfied users!

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