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Camarones al Gruyere

Camarones al Gruyere

(Shrimp with Gruyere Cheese Sauce)


kilo de camaron mediano limpio

kilo of clean mdium sized already cooked shrimp


50 grams de mantequilla

3 tbsp.  of butter


1 tazas de crema espera

1 cups of sour cream


1 tazas de queso gruyere rayado

1 cups of grated gruyere cheese


3 cucharas de pimiento rojo picada

3 spoonfuls of red bell pepper finely chopped


Sal, pimiento

Salt and pepper


Cut the shrimp in 3 pieces


In a sauce pan put butter and the red bell peppers and sautee them.  


Add the sour cream and cheese.  Then salt and pepper.


Add the shrimp (already cooked and cut) and cook for like 5 minutes


Serve on slices of toasted and buttered  bread or whatever you like.

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Oct 1, 2006  ( 1 comment )  
Richard Carr (richard)
Thanks so much for putting this up on the Internet!!
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