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Deeper and Deeper
Deeper and Deeper

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Deeper and Deeper

Into the heart of Jesus
Deeper and deeper I go,
Seeking to know the reason
Why He should love me so,
Why He should stoop to lift me
Up from the miry clay,
Saving my soul, making me whole,
Though I had wandered away.

Into the will of Jesus,
Deeper and deeper I go,
Praying for grace to follow,
Seeking His way to know;
Bowing in full surrender
Low at His blessed feet,
Bidding Him take, break me and make,
Till I am molded, complete.

Into the cross of Jesus
Deeper and deeper I go,
Following through the garden,
Facing the dreaded foe;
Drinking the cup of sorrow,
Sobbing with broken heart,
'O Savior, help! Dear Savior, help!
Grace for my weakness impart.'

Into the joy of Jesus
Deeper and deeper I go,
Rising, with soul enraptured,
Far from the world below.
Joy in the place of sorrow,
Peace in the midst of pain,
Jesus will give, Jesus will give;
He will uphold and sustain.

Into the love of Jesus
Deeper and deeper I go,
Praising the One Who brought me
Out of my sin and woe;
And through eternal ages
Gratefully I shall sing,
'O how He loved! O how He loved!
Jesus, my Lord and my King!

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Mar 28, 2010  ( 1 comment )  
Luekinna Hodges (luekinnah)
Praise the Lord Saints,
Just want to utilize the talent HE has given me!  I appreciate the many songs I've read.  I've never been creative enough (to me) to write and express how i feel, but these lyrics sum it up, I thank the Holy Spirit "(GOD)" for having led me here!  GLOOOOOORRRRRRY!
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