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Homemade Wedding Favors
Homemade Wedding Favors

Continue the Tradition of Brides and Grooms Providing Small Wedding Gifts to Wedding Guests
Homemade wedding favors come from a centuries old tradition of brides and grooms providing small gifts to wedding guests. The tradition of creating homemade weddings favors has continued as a means for the bride to reduce expenses on the wedding budget. Although today, many quality items can be mass produced for a relatively low cost, brides prefer to create homemade favors as a means of self expression. Homemade favors allow her opportunities for unique gift giving and personalization that can't be found in retail store.

Homemade wedding favors can be labor extensive or have a sense of simple sophistication. Time, talent and imagination are the only limits for the creation of wedding favors. Craft stores offer an extensive variety of materials from which to create a memorable item. Simple glass bud vases and candles can be adorned with paint or glass gems. Something as simple as adding a photo of the couple, to a simple picture frame makes an excellent favor that will outlast the wedding day.

Home computers, desktop publishing software and quality papers make it easy to duplicate products that have only been available from professional printers in the past. Poetry can be added to beautiful backgrounds for unique bookmarks or framed works. Decorative placecards with the guests name in an beautiful script can later serve to replace a boring name placard on their work desk. Software to edit music and video recordings allow for the production of private CD's and DVD's.

Baked goods continue to make excellent wedding favors. Cookie cutters are manufactured in every imaginable shape allowing the bride to present distinctive, frosted and personalized delights. Miniature cakes, petits fours and even chocolates can be recreated in the home kitchen. Plastic molds for forming chocolate and other candies make it easy to produce delicacies that are representative of wedding themes. A fun twist on a common molded candy is to prepare it on a stick to create a lollipop from hard candies or chocolates.

Homemade wedding favors will continue to be a favorite for the bride and her guests. The opportunity to produce an item that genuinely expresses the heartfelt sentiments of the couple, will never go out of style.
  • CD: Giving personal thank you cd’s is the new trend in wedding favors. You can record a personal message, add a photo of the bride and groom along with a song choice
  • Magnets: Have you heard that the refrigerator is the communication center of almost every house? So how about making magnets as favors, so that your guests can put their magnets on their refrigerators and use them to hold up drawings and the like, and every now and then see the magnet and think about you.
  • Homemade bell-shaped or heart-shaped cookies: Decorated with your names and wedding date in hard icing.
  • Homemade Jam: Pick a great recipe for your wedding favors
       * Fruit and Wine. Fruit and wine jams are captivating. Strawberry and champagne make a classic jam combination. Also consider raspberry, peach and champagne jam, or port and currant jam.
       * Hot, Hot, Hot. Jams spiced up with jalapenos and other hot peppers are sure to make a splash. Try raspberry jalapeno, peach jalapeno, hot pepper and mango/raspberry jam, or hot apple jelly.
       * Taste of the Tropics. Try jams made with exotic fruits such as guava, pomogranate, mangos, kiwis, limes, or pineapples.
  • Small Containers with Goodies:
    Examples of small containers to use:
       * tiny wicker baskets or straw hats
       * candle holders
       * flat shells (scallops)
       * small filigree metal boxes
       * decorated wooden boxes
       * coffee mugs
       * wine glasses
       * small decorative dish
       * tiny flower pots
       * little tin watering cans
       * small jars
       * ceramic spoon rest
    Fillings to add to your favor containers:
       * heart-shaped candies or chocolates
       * Hershey's kisses and hugs
       * small floating candles
       * gourmet or flavored coffee - enough for one pot
       * little decorative soaps
       * wild flower seed packets or small quantity of seeds with planting instructions
       * flower bulbs
       * bath oil beads
       * bath salts
       * small bag of mixed spice (cinnamon/nutmeg) 
       * packets of specialty tea
       * hot chocolate and cinnamon mix - enough for one mug
    Sample sayings and poems to write or print onto a small note card along with your names and wedding date (punch a hole in the card and attach a ribbon to tie to your favors)
       * Please plant these to celebrate our growing love (for bulbs, seeds)
       * All things grow with love (for bulbs, seeds)       
       * Our flame of love will always be bright (for candles)     
       * Hugs and Kisses from the new Mr. And Mrs! (for Hershey's kisses and/or hugs)     
       * Heart-felt wishes from the new Mr. And Mrs. (for anything heart-shaped)      
       * Love lives in happy hearts (anything heart-shaped)      
       * The best gifts are tied with heartstrings (anything heart-shaped)       
       * May there always be spice in your life! (for hot chocolate/cinnamon mix)   
       * We're suited to a 'T' (for specialty teas)       
       * Nothing can wash away the love we feel! (bath oil, bath salts, soaps)      
       * Thanks for sharing this special day with us      
       * Thank you for sharing in the celebration of our love (or union, etc.)       
       * Thanks for joining us on our wedding day       
       * Thanks for sharing in our special day
More Wedding Favor Ideas
Clear bags
White paper bags
Pink Pillow Mints
5 lb. bag (940 pieces) for $16.95
$.018 each
Pink Jelly Belly (bubble gum flavor)
10 lb.  - 400 pieces / lb. = 4,000 pieces for $59.90
$.015 each
Pink Jordan Almonds
5 lb. - 90 pieces/lb. = 450 pieces for $36.83

Pink M&Ms
5 lb. - 500 pieces/lb. = 2,500 pieces for $47.48
5 lb. custom color & message for $49.99
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