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Bride's Wedding Checklist
Bride's Wedding Checklist

Bride's Wedding Checklist

Six to Twelve Months Before Wedding:

  • Select a wedding date and time.
  • Make a preliminary budget.
  • Determine your wedding theme or style.
  • Reserve your ceremony and reception location.
  • Determine who will officiate at the ceremony.
  • Hire a wedding consultant, if you plan to use one.
  • Decide on your color scheme.
  • Start compiling names and addresses of guests.
  • Select bridal attendants.
  • Have fiance select his attendants.
  • Plan reception.
  • Check catering facilities, if at a club or hotel.
  • Select a caterer, if one is necessary.
  • Select a professional photographer and videographer.
  • Select a professional florist.
  • Select your dress and headpiece.
  • Announce your engagement in the newspaper.
  • Select bridesmaids' dresses.
  • Select engagement ring with fiance, if he has not already done so.

    Four Months Before:

  • Make final arrangements for ceremony (deposits should be paid, contracts signed).
  • Make sure all bridal attire is ordered.
  • Have both mothers coordinate and select their dresses.
  • Register at a bridal registry in the towns of both families.
  • Order invitations and personal stationery.
  • Complete the guest lists and compile them in order.
  • Select the men's wedding attire and reserve the right sizes.
  • Check the requirements for a marriage license in your state.
  • Make appointment for physical exam.
  • Shop for wedding rings.
  • Start planning the honeymoon.
  • Decide where you will live after the wedding.
  • Begin shopping for trousseau.

    Two Months Before:

  • Address invitations and announcements (Mail four to six weeks before wedding).
  • Finalize all details with caterer, photographer, florist, reception hall manager, musicians, etc.
  • Order wedding cake, if not supplied by caterer.
  • Finalize ceremony details with officiant.
  • Make rehearsal arrangements.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner.
  • Plan bridesmaids' luncheon.
  • Make appointments with hairdresser.
  • Arrange accommodations for out-of-town attendants or guests.
  • Finalize honeymoon plans.

    One Month Before:

  • Have a final fitting for your gown and bridal attendants' gowns.
  • Have a formal bridal portrait taken.
  • Complete all physical or dental appointments.
  • Get marriage license.
  • Make transportation arrangements for the wedding day.
  • Purchase gifts for attendants.
  • Purchase gift for fiance, if gifts are being exchanged.
  • Have the bridesmaids' luncheon.
  • Purchase going away outfit.
  • Keep a careful record of all gifts received (write thank-you notes immediately).
  • Make sure you have all accessories, toasting goblets, ring pillow, garter, candles, etc.
  • Select responsible person to handle guest book and determine its location.

    Two Weeks Before:

  • Attend to business and legal details. Get necessary forms to change your name. 
  • Prepare wedding announcements to be sent to newspaper.
  • Reconfirm the accommodations for out-of-town guests.
  • Arrange to have possessions and gifts moved to your new home.
  • Give a change-of-address card to the post office.
  • Finish addressing announcements to be mailed on the wedding day.

    One Week Before:

  • Contact guests who have not responded.
  • Give the final count to caterer and review details.
  • Go over final details with all professional services you have engaged.
  • Give photographer the list of pictures you want.
  • Give the videographer a list of shots you would like included in the video.
  • Give all musicians the lists of music for the ceremony and reception.
  • Plan the seating arrangements.
  • Arrange for someone to assist with last-minute errands and to help you dress.
  • Practice having you hair done to make sure it comes out properly.
  • Practice using your make-up in the same type of lighting you will have on the wedding date.
  • Keep up with the writing of thank-you notes.
  • Pack your suitcase for the honeymoon.
  • Make sure you have the marriage license.
  • Make sure you have the wedding rings and they fit.
  • Make sure all wedding attire is picked up and fits properly.
  • Have a rehearsal with all participants, reviewing their duties.
  • Attend rehearsal dinner party. Stay calm and enjoy yourself.
  • Stay with family the night before the wedding.
  • Go to bed early to look and feel rested for the ceremony.

    On the Wedding Day:

  • Be sure to eat something.
  • Take a nice relaxing bath.
  • Style hair at least three to four hours before the ceremony.
  • Make sure nails are polished.
  • Allow plenty of time to apply make-up.
  • Start dressing one to one-and-a-half hours before the ceremony.
  • Have the musicians begin playing thirty minutes before the ceremony.
  • As guests arrive, have them seated. Seat Groom's parents five minutes before the ceremony.
  •  Immediately before procession, the bride's mother is seated.

    After the wedding:

  • Send announcements and wedding pictures to newspapers.
  • Mail announcements.
  • Write and mail thank-you notes.
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