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Wedding Day Checklist
Wedding Day Checklist

Wedding Day Checklist

The Night Before the Wedding

Sleep, sleep, sleep - your wedding will bethe biggest day of your life and your wedding is just ahead of you. You want to look and feel your best. Make sure to make time with family, especially parents, to share memories of times gone by and to say thank you. Take some time for yourself to be quiet.
The morning of...

Have a small meal before leaving for the church.  Stay Calm...if you run behind schedule-take a deep breath and remember that the ceremony will wait for you!!! Your family and friends want to see you shine-not be frazzled because you are running late-so relax -looking, feeling and radiating your happiness is what counts.

Countdown to "I Do"

2 hours till "I Do"... Groom, bestman and groomsmen get together to begin dressing.

45 minutes... ushers arrive at the wedding site, pick up boutonnieres and programs, go over seating plans, wait at the entrance to the church for the guests to arrive.

30 minutes... organ or some type of music begins, mother and attendants leave for the wedding site, ushers seating guests.

20 minutes... groom and best man arrive, father (or brides escort) and bride leave for the ceremony site.

10 minutes... bridal party and parents wait in the back of church while other relatives are seated.

5 minutes... mother of the groom is escorted to her seat (unless a Jewish ceremony) with grooms father walking right behind the usher, then taking his seat beside his wife...mother of the groom in the pew first with the father sitting on the aisle, bride and father arrive at ceremony site, mother of the bride is escorted down the aisle.

* 1 minute... if there is an aisle runner, two ushers walk in step to the front of the church and unroll the runner and walk in step to the back of the church, unrolling runner as they go... they then take their place in the procession. And now the moment you have waited for......the minister, priest or rabbi takes his/her place along with the groom and best man. (In Christian tradition, the groom and best man enter from chancel door and stand facing the congregation-at an angle-the groom standing nearest the minister, the best man one step behind the groom. In Jewish tradition, the groom and best man are part of the wedding procession. As the ceremony begins, the guests will rise to watch the bride make her entrance.

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