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Bible Study Instructions
Sign Up Your Bible Study or Prayer Group
  • Sign up for your Bible Study account. 
  • Name it something the group will find easy to remember.
  • Have the email addresses for your group members at hand
  • Make sure you are logged in to your new account, and then click on the blue 'Invite a Friend' link in the top right of the screen -- proceed to invite each group member (here's a help screen on how).  By inviting them this way you will be both creating free accounts for them and also linking their account to your group account.
  • While inviting the group members, customize the invitation e-mail, explaining what the group site is for.
  • All members you invite will be automatically added to your friends list.
  • From your 'Dashboard', click 'Share Group' on the blue bar to set up your share group.
Share the Calendar
  • Click on the 'Calendar' tab.
  • Click inside the days your Bible Study takes place and type in pertinent info (time, location, etc.).  You can use repeating events.
  • Consider adding other events such as member birthdays, etc.
  • When all your initial entries are finished, set the sharing on your calendar so it is shared with your bible study share group.
Share Contact Information
  • Click on the 'Document' tab.
  • Choose 'New Folder'.
  • Label the folder .
  • Choose 'New Document'.
  • Name the document something like Contact Information or Roster.
  • Enter contact and other information (address, phone, e-mail, anniversary, birthday, etc.).
  • Type the name of your  your bible study share group into the sharing control on the left so the document is shared with the group.
  • Click 'Save and Exit'.
Track Prayer Requests
  • Follow above instructions for creating a document, and name the document something like Prayer Request List.
  • Share the document with your share group and be sure to give them editing rights by checking the 'Edit' box.
  • Click 'Save and Exit'.
  • Instruct members to feel free to edit the document and add prayer requests at any time throughout the week.  As the leader, be sure to add the prayer requests given during Bible Study, and remind members that they can visit the page during the week for new prayer requests.  Encourage them to leave encouraging comments by clicking 'Add Comment' at the bottom of the page.
Track Attendance
  • Follow above instructions for creating a document, and name it something like Attendance.
  • After each Bible Study, input who attended.
  • You may choose to keep this document private for your own purposes, and not share it with the group.  If this is the case, the default for documents is always private.
Share Web Resources
  • Click on the 'Bookmark' tab.
  • Choose 'New Bookmark'.
  • Name your bookmark and paste the link into the space provided.
  • Share the bookmark with your group.
  • Click 'Save and Exit'.
Plan Lessons
  • Click on the 'Document' tab.
  • Create a folder called something like Lessons.
  • Create a document for each Bible study lesson.
  • If you co-lead the group, share the document with the other leader(s) by entering their user name in the Share With field.  Otherwise, keep it private for your own purposes. 
Collaborate on 'Homework'
  • Create folder for homework or assignments/reading.
  • Create a document for each assignment.
  • Put in the assignment, any helpful commentary you can find, and your own comments to get it started.
  • Encourage members to leave their comments and thoughts throughout the week.  (They can click 'Add Comment' to do so).

Discussion Topics
  • Choose 'Discuss' under 'More Applications'.
  • Create a folder for group discussions.
  • Click 'New Document' to create a discussion, such as what the group should study next, etc.
  • Input information, name the topic, share it with your group, and 'Save and Exit'.
  • Encourage group members to participate in the discussion by adding comments below.

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